To get some things on this website, you will need a login name, so to get one, please e-mail Anne by clicking the mailbox below and tell her your name, age, address, parents' [guardians] names, your birthdate, and phone number.  Please also make up a login name and password!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (NO BAD WORDS, etc PLEASE!!!)  OH!  Also include an e-mail address that you and/or your parents can be notified in case the login name is already in use, etc!  To process, it may take a while but you will be notified when we recieve your message!  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!   NOTE:  Some websites make you login every time you come in........we don't........that is because if we know it, we don't worry about it!!!!!!!!!  But when we ask for your login name and password, you'll have to be able to give it to us!!  Kids:  Please make sure to get your parent/guardians' approval to make a login name and password for this website!  We are not responsible for parental discretion if the kid has already made and had approved by Anne, a login name and password!  However, we can delete it whenever you please but it may take a few days to process this and after you send Anne a letter to delete your child's login name and password, Anne will send you a notice of Completion as soon as possible!!!!!!!!