Pretty Pictures

Me and Lucky These Days!

Me and Lucky "having a break after some training"!

Lucky should sometimes be called "Huggy"!  Have your collie hug you!

This is a picture of Lucky on her first day Home!

~This is one of our favorite books~

These are what the breed known as Collies used to look like.  Now they have changed how they look to a much stonger, loving look;

This is me and Lucky the day I went to go pick her up.  Puppies are so little aren't they?!

This is a collie that is older and as a collie gets older, it slows down and is very mello-like.

These are the external body parts of the collie;

In some dog shows, you could be asked:
"What are some external/internal parasites?"
some external parasites are:
ticks, fleas

some internal parasites are:
round worm, heartworm