Some Facts About Showing
Since I am only 10 - years - old, and the other people in my family aren't as interested as me in showing my dog, I haven't ever gotten to be in an AKC show.   I plan on trying to be in an AKC show with my collie when me and my collie are a bit older.   The one rule I've heard about being in an AKC dog show was:   If your dog goes to the bathroom in the ring you automatically get disqualified.   But the shows me and my collie are in are from 4 - H.   You get 13 weeks of dog training for free from professional dog trainers!   Me and my collie just went to the 4 - H dog show and we one first place!   It was really fun, and it was our first year!   If you're already in a 4 - H, ask your group about 4 - H dog training, and if you're not already in 4 - H,  go to your local county extension office and ask if there is any close by clubs that you could join.   And it's not just for country kids anymore!   It's for everybody, and best of all, It's totally free to be in 4 - H!   Plus it's fun!   More info about 4 - H in the "All about the collie" section in this website.   If you would want to be in an AKC show with your purebred dog, then you might want to go to
(I think you have to have a "show quality" dog to be in an AKC show.)

Have Fun!!!