Buying a Pup
Always be precise about buying a pup.   Make sure you read a lot about the breed before you plan on buying a puppy.   If the dog will spend time with children then you probably would want to get a dog like the collie, that's "non - aggressive" .   DO NOT get a dog like an Irish Setter , for children.   They're the type of dog that can just turn on you and bite holes through your body!              St. Bernards do that, also!   If the dog will be an inside dog, then you probably would want a little dog with a little bit of fur.   Because a big dog in the house is just too much!   Plus if you have a dog with a lot of fur in the house, just remember that the dog sheds and the fur could go onto things in the house, especially FOOD!   GROSS!   Some people think that collies are inside dogs, but my opinion, collies are not inside dogs.   Just because since they have a lot of fur for Winter and they ARE herding dogs and they need to run!   Also, "Lassie" was an outside dog and she did just fine outside.   Just make sure you have a fence!   It's better to buy a pup than an old dog simply because "you can't teach an old dog new tricks!"