An Interview with ANNE!

(Key:   :~) = Anne, *** = person who is asking the questions to Anne!)

***:   Anne, what is the main idea of your website?

:~):   Well, I want to sort of spread out the news about Collies, because even though this is my opinion, collies are the BEST dogs!--Although I do like other breeds, too.   But since maybe some people don't like collies or maybe even dogs, I put in the PET situation, too.   And the best part about it is that there are games and stuff that relate to pets in some way, but aren't exactly based on it, just based on fun!

***:   So, you're saying that everybody should come on this website even if they don't like pets because it's fun, too.   And everyone likes fun??!

:~):   Exactly.

***:   So, how DID you ever become interested in collies?

:~):   Well, it's definitely a long story, but mainly here's what happened.   One day I told my parents I wanted a dog and I wanted a BORDER COLLIE.   My parents said maybe when I'm a little bit older I can, but my mom and I looked up BORDER COLLIEs on the internet and found that they were not our type of dog for a few weird reasons. (Example:   They chase cars, and where I live there are a lot of cars!)   But I would totally recommend that breed to anybody who lives in the country on a farm who needs a herding dog.   Then we started talking about a regular type COLLIE and we read up on them and found that they were definitely our type of family dog and we made sure we looked up every other breed of dog in the world and the COLLIE was the one.  Also, I had decided with my parents that I would pay for everything except for the fence, and we all agreed.   So for all of my birthdays I got DOG supplies and couldn't wait to buy "LUCKY" --that's the name I wanted always for MY collie.   Then we found a reputable breeder in Rice, MN and now we have "LUCKY".   And she's THE BEST!   But remember:  This was about a 7 year process!

***:   Wow!   That IS a long time!   But do you appreciate "LUCKY" more because you bought her or do you wish you wouldn't have had to pay for her?

:~):   Actually, I think I appreciate her way more than if I didn't have to pay for her!    She's GREAT!

***:   Do you like having your own website?   And was it easy or hard to make?

:~):   I LOVE having my OWN website and yes, it WAS a very simple process to make this website, believe it or not!

***:   Now, a lot of fans sent in letters saying that they wanted to know that if you could have or do anything for the rest of your life, what would it be?

:~):   Definitely ACTING in movies, plays, sitcoms, etc.   I've wanted to be an actress since I was age 3, and I'd love it if I got a job for ACTING!       

***:    So that is your dream?!

:~):   Oh yeah!

***:   What's your favorite food?

:~):   I'd have to say Italian Dunkers.

***:   Yummy!   Hey!   I just remembered that I haven't eaten in days!   I don't know why!?   So, I'm sorry to say, but I have to go, see ya, and thanks for doing this interview with me.

:~):   You're very welcome!   I enjoyed it!

An interview with "Lucky", Anne's collie!

(Key:   !!!! = Lucky, ~~~ = person asking questions.)

~~~:   Hello?!

!!!:   Hello.   My name is Lucky, roof!    I'm Anne's adorable collie!   roof!

~~~:   Oh.   I finally get to meet you!   Let's just get on with the facts, okay?.

!!!:    Where am I?   And who am I speaking to?!

~~~:   You are...I don't know where you are, but I'm doing an interview with you, so let us begin please!?

!!!:   Okay.

~~~:    Do you like being a collie or do you want to be something different?

!!!:   Oh NO!   I'd never want to be something else!   I'M who and what I'm made of!   Plus it's fun to be a collie and a DOG!   Plus I'm well trained all because of my awesome owner, Anne.   And Anne wouldn't be my owner if I wasn't a collie, probably!?

~~~:   Oh as long as you have a good personality, then she'll love you, trust me.

!!!:   Okay.

~~~:   What's Anne's main dream that you know of?

!!!:   ACTING!    I'm sure she already told you this but, if she could be an actress for the rest of her life, she, I guarantee you would be good and up to it!

~~~:   Okay, well I'll remember that!

!!!:   Well I need to go, I'm wrecking my schedule!    Roof!

~~~:   Okay, but one last thing... A fan just walked in the door and asked if they could ask you one question??!!!!

!!!:   Okay, just make it quick, I need my supper!

~~~:   Okay, the question is:   What is the best part of being shown to people in DOG SHOWS?

!!!:   Well, mostly because me and Anne are together in a team as companions and we work hard together and that's the only way we enjoy it, and we do!!!    That's the greatest!

~~~:   Okay, well I guess you need to go, huh?.

!!!:   Yeah.   Well thanks for letting me be interviewed by you.   It was a joy!

~~~:   Okay, see ya' around sometime, bye!

!!!:   Bye.   Roof!