Anne's meaning for this website
Some people always ask, "what's the meaning of your website.   I mean you have games, homework help, etc, and it's supposed to be based on "All about the Collie".?"   And I always tell them that even though it's BASED on All about the collie, kids like it when there's actually FUN stuff to do instead of reading ALL about the collie.   I named it "All about the Collie" because most of the subjects are or in some way related to the collie.   Plus if a kid wants to go on this website but he has to do his homework first, and he desperately needs help, he can still come on this website and STILL do his homework at the same time!   And it is just mainly based on FUN, although I still want the kids to at least know about the Collie and how to raise a puppy, etc, then they know that maybe if their family is about to get a dog, they can suggest a collie.---because believe it or not, 5 years ago, collies were on the endangered species list.   They could still be on it now, but I haven't checked it lately.   Well I hope from reading this, you'll understand the meaning of this website and let your kids come on it every day!