Homework Help
Spelling:   Most spelling words can be sounded out.   But not all of them.   First of all, you'll probably get a list of the words if a spelling TEST is the case.   So in that type of case, since you'll probably get a list of the spelling words to let you know what to practice, pretty much, all you need to do is read over the words nonstop for a while and get the letters to be placed at the right time and at the right spot in the right word.   Memorize it like CRAZY!   Then, once you think that you know it all, have someone older than you give you a "spelling test" to see if you really do know.   If you get them all right, then, still, you'll need to do one more test without peeking to make sure that you definitely know them by heart.   If you got one or more wrong do the "test" over and over until you get none of the words wrong.   Then just do one more test to make sure you really DO know it ALL by heart.   But, if a spelling BEE is the case, practice every single word in the biggest dictionary in the whole world!   If you really do want a chance at winning,  you'll really need to concentrate and practice, practice, practice!   Never give up!--It's the un-cool thing to do!--But if you've given up in things in the past, all I can say is "you can't change the past."   But last but not least, if you just need to know how to spell a WORD, then just look it up in the dictionary.   Even if you don't know how to spell it, you can probably figure out the first 2-3 letters in the word to look up, then you'll find the word and how to spell it.   If you just can't do that, ask a person older than you.   Hope this SPELLING info HELPS!

Punctuation:   Punctuation is a pretty simple method.   One of the ways to know  what punctuation mark goes in what spot is by simply asking someone older than you to read the sentence, etc, exactly how it SHOULD be written.    When they read it, listen carefully.   For pauses (commas), for endings of a sentence in an exciting voice (exclamation point), for a stop after a sentence with no excitement or laughter of the character (period), a command at the end of a sentence (period).   
Key:   ! = exclamation point... , = comma... . = period.
If you positively can't do anything like that, just do it your best and TRY your BEST!   Good luck on EVERYTHING!   Oh and punctuation also means uppercase letters and lower case letters but I'm sure you ca figure it out.

Grammar:   Mostly, I think grammar means learning how to read and syllables and stuff.   If you're reading this by yourself, of course you can read!   But of course, if you're not reading by yourself right now, I'm sure that your school teachers will teach you how eventually.   But if you have any questions about syllables this is what I'll be telling you about.   Syllables are the things that make up words.   For instance:   sub-trac-tion.   That would mean that the word "subtraction" has three syllables.   Just count the sections of the word that are in between the "-" signs.   There are three.   Which means that "subtraction" has three syllables.   You can do this method with any other REAL word.   Some
words have only one syllable, others MAY have one - MILLION syllables!!!   And if you're not sure how many syllables there are in a word, you can look it up in the dictionary and the word will have sections by dots in between making the sections of the word.   Which are the syllables!   Keep up the TRYING!

Reading:   Most people think that the subject of READING is READING.   So read books!    CASE CLOSED!!!

Math:   Most of the time for things like adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing, you will use a calculator.   And that is a VERY SIMPLE PROCESS.   But if you CANNOT use a calculator, then ask your teacher or someone else to give you a "practice sheet" of the subject you need.   Example:   If you need to a sheet for practicing addition, you ask the person to give you a practice copy of it so you can practice from it and learn!  Then, you take the sheet and practice doing timed tests over and over until you know all of them by heart.   Once you do, you should be able to do a test right now with 60 problems of one subject in 30 seconds!--Just kidding!   More like a minute!   Well I hope this helps!!!

If you just can't get any or enough help, just ask a RESPONSIBLE ADULT to help you.   They'll understand.   Good LUCK!!!!!!!