CHAT with Anne LIVE!
Hey kids!   Yup!   This is REALLY Anne!   But, of course this IS NOT the chatting  LIVE part.   But let me just tell you a little bit about it.    First of all, if you STILL need help after looking at the "homework help" web page on this website, or just have questions that you want me to answer to you LIVE, or something else COOL like that, you CAN do this!    You must ask parents permission BEFORE starting this PROCESS.   If you have AOL, America On Line, you should have AOL instant messenger.   This is where Anne will be chatting LIVE with her  friends, family, and of course, FANS!   She'll only be on for about all together 2-3 hours each day at various times.   So maybe, if you're lucky, you'll be able to talk to her when she's on!   She'll be very happy if YOU talk to her LIVE!   But for safety reasons, you must have a parent/guardian with you as you chat.   Anne can ALMOST guarantee that a kidnapper or BAD PERSON could NOT get on there.  
This is a pretty safe chat with Anne.   But the following list is RULES for chatting with Anne on AOL instant message.   (I will say more info about this WHOLE thing at the end of the RULE LIST.)

(everything includes Anne, example: No giving threats to anyone chatting with Anne, that means Anne, too.)

No swearing or "bad talk" to anyone chatting with Anne.

No threats to anyone chatting with Anne.

Anne does have a right to kick you off the chatting line with Anne.

Anne also has the right to give you chances of being kicked off.

No telling anyone what to do.

No asking questions that have to do with Name, age, address, phone number, etc.

If Anne's NOT in the chat room GET off immediately.   Anne is NOT responsible for kids being on it alone.

Be NICE.   

Stay with the subject.   And wait your turn.

Be fair.

Have a SAFE and FUN chat with Anne!


The following is a list of RULES from above that you can be kicked off and have your parents noticed on their e-mail address:

Any swearing or "bad talk".

Making threats to anyone.

ASKING AND ANSWERING personal questions.   Example:   Name, age, address, phone number, etc.   Anne WILL NOT be responsible for any personal info given out.

Not listening to Anne when she tells person that they're doing something wrong.

Insulting someone.--Put downs.

NOT being FAIR.   Not waiting turn.   And excessively long interruptions of changing the subject.


As long as you follow the above RULES, you'll have a great time!   
!NOTICE!:   Once you get kicked off once, you have only ONE LAST CHANCE.

Have a SAFE AND FUN TIME!!!!!!!!

If you don't have AOL, but you used to, you really might still have AOL instant messenger!   And if you've NEVER had AOL, then go to a family member or friend that has it and ask politely if you can use it.  And you can look for Anne every once in a while.   Anne will like it if you come chat with her!   Also, the only way you can chat with Anne is by e-mailing her to tell her you and your parents' screen names that will be used on instant messenger and please also tell your login name and password.  Otherwise Anne WILL NOT BE ABLE to speak to you LIVE for safety reasons.--When you e-mail Anne, you will be replied to from Anne to tell you that she got your e-mail and she'll also tell you HER screen name so you actually know that you're talking to Anne.   If you don't get replied to from Anne within 6-8 days, please do this process again.   Thank you!   Bye!

HOPE YOU CAN COME AND HAVE A GREAT, SAFE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!