Trivia Quiz!
Hey kids!   Anne would really like to know how much you know about her, her family, her friends, and her pets!   So we made up this trivia quiz for you to answer Anne's question.   What you need to do is take a sheet of paper and write down the answers of the questions below in order of being listed and       e-mail Anne with the answers in the right order.   We'll count how many you got right and how many you got wrong.    And if you got them all right, you'll be on the list where Anne COULD give you a surprise gift in the mail!   Every 1 out of 10 kids gets one!   But if you got some wrong try again!   Oh, also, when you e-mail Anne with the answers, you also have to state your name,  e-mail address, age, address, and phone number (include area code).   (Otherwise you CANNOT be on the list.)   So here they are!   Good Luck!--Also:   You will be e-mailed from Anne for both, if you got all of the answers right or if you got some wrong, so you know to either try again, or you're on the list!!!!!

Family Trivia:

How many Uncles and Aunts does Anne have all together?   (Including ones that have past away.)

How many FIRST cousins does Anne have all together?

How many other siblings does Anne have?

What gender (male/female) is  the sibling that Anne DOES NOT get along with the most?

What gender (male/female) is the sibling that Anne LOVES the most?

Including her, how many people are in HER family?

Does Anne have more brothers than sisters?

True or false.   Anne got started making this website by her sister?

If Anne has a brother, would he still be in school, if so, what grade? (college counts)

Does Anne have any siblings younger than her?

What sport was Anne in ever since she was two?

If Anne's in dance, what type of dance would she be doing now? (jazz, hip hop, tap, ballet.)

What was the first instrument Anne learned how to play pretty good?

Who's Anne's favorite TV ACTRESS?--Hello, people, you should know this ONE!!

What pet does Anne want for her next birthday?

If Anne has two sisters, how old is the oldest one?

Is Anne the youngest on each family side of the First cousins?

How many of Anne's aunts and/or uncles have passed away?

What relation is a very special person that passed away in April 2002?

What is Anne's dream?


Friend Trivia:

Are all of Anne's fans her friends?--Duh!!!!!!!   This is an easy question!


Anne Trivia:

What's Anne's favorite color?

What's Anne's favorite food?

How many pets does Anne have this current September 2002?

What does Anne like the most when doing her homework?

Does Anne like homework?


Pet Trivia:

What is Anne's collie's name?--This is way too easy!

What breed of dog is Anne's other dog?

What group is Anne's collie in? (sporting, non - sporting, toys, herding, etc.)

What is Anne's other dog's name?   (Kano or Meeka)

Is Anne's collie a female?

Is Anne's other dog a male?

How old is Anne's other dog?

Is Anne's other dog a DOG SHOW CHAMPION?

What inside pet did Anne used to have?

What inside type pet has Anne always had different types of?

What color is Anne's collie's favorite toy?


Now E-mail Anne and GOOD LUCK!