Party Ideas!
Hey everyone!   If you have a birthday coming up or your going to one or are going to host or go to just a regular FUN PARTY, here are some FABULOUS ideas!!!!!!!

Parties for ages 1 - 5:   In that age range, most kids (male/female) love animals.   So select plates, napkins, balloons, party hats, wrapping paper, confetti, etc. that relates to animals!   So maybe for a child in that age range, you could have an ANIMAL PARTY!   Children also like a "favorite TV friend" theme.   Example:   If the child loves BIG BIRD from SESAME STREET.   Then, you would get Big Bird stuff and have a party with that theme.   Children love practically everything, so be creative with a child between those ages.   Be careful with many "scary" things.   Have FUN!!!!!!!

Parties for ages 6 - 8:   Same as above.   But when they start getting to at least the age of seven, they might like "scary" things.   But you probably might want to have the child choose whether or not they want a "scary" theme.   Because some kids can handle it, and some kids can't.   So be careful.   For a 6 year old, you may still want to go with "parties for ages        1 - 5"  (above.)   MOST kids in that age range still DO NOT like "scream",  "scary movie", OR "the Grim reaper."   So be careful, but at the same time, be creative!   Have FUN!

Parties for ages 9 - 11:   This is when most kids are very likely to LOVE "scary" themes.   DO NOT DO a "scary" theme if you're having a sleep over.   Some kids MAY have bad dreams.--Especially if they watch a really scary movie.   (Such as "scream", or "psyco".)   Sleep overs are starting to be a "MUST" for kids ages 9 and up.   But do not do a sleep over if you don't like some kids getting scared in the night, etc.!!!!!   Kids in that age range love everything that's "hip".   Maybe you could do an "Amanda Bynes'" b-day party!--now for me, that would be FUN!!!!!!   But ask the kids.   Boys may like super heros at that age, too.   Especially at age 9.   (Super heros are also great for boys/girls younger than 9, too.)   SO BE VERY CREATIVE, AND DON'T FORGET TO HAVE FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!!!!

Parties for kids ages 12:   At this age, you really don't need a theme.   Because when you get to that age you are more "mature"!   So get regular everything.   (Plates, confetti, napkins, etc.!)   They like to play games such as:   Are you 4 real?, Truth or Dare, etc!   Games like those.    At THAT AGE, I'm practically sure you HAVE to have A SLEEP OVER!!!!!--JK!!   But it is the parents decision, but most 12 year olds, and up LOVE to have sleep overs!    So have FUN!!!!!

Parties for ages 13 and up:   Okay, they are officially teenagers!   This is BIG FOR THEM!!!!   Same as above.   Only now, they want more excitement!   For their 13th birthday, let them invite every single person they want!   And make a big "hay ride wagon", or golf cart, and let them drive it around!   They also like the candles that NEVER burn out!   This is a very special birthday so be creative, have fun!   

~Remember:~   When kids have their golen/silver birthday, act like they're having a teen ager party where they can invite every person they want, etc!   If they are only age 2 when they have their golden birthday, then, you know what I mean!   So just have FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

***NOTE*** kids who turn 18, or 21 it's a major thing!   Just be creative, and have fun!--and let them be an "adult"!

Kids also love to visit the cabin with friends as they get older, etc!

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