Biography On Anne

Name:   Anne Elizabeth

Age:   10

Birthdate:   November 12th, 1991

Residence:   Clearwater, Minnesota

Family:   Dad [Dave], Mom [Janice], Brother [Joe, age 23], Sister [Jamie, age 21], and Sister [Emma, age 18]

Pets:   Fish [Goldy (Gold Fish), and Cutie (Sucker Fish)], Cat [Shadow (Tabby)], 2 Dogs [Kano (Yellow Lab), and Lucky [Collie].

Likes:   Ice - Skating, Dancing, Showing her dog, etc.

Dislikes:   Swimming, Roller blading, Getting really dirty, etc.

Nick names:   Bubby, Anna Bananna, Kitty, Yine, Annie, Ahnie, Little Dude, AV, and Little One.

Height:   5 feet.

Grade:   5

Best Friend:   Nicole

Wishes:   To be an actress.

Hobbies:   Showing her dog, Dancing, Singing, shopping, writing stories, and acting.

Shoe Size:   Woman size 6.

Hair color:   Medium Brown.   

Birth place:   St. Cloud, MN @ the St. Cloud Hospital.

Raised In:   Clearwater, MN.

Parents:   David, and Janice.

Achievements:    3rd Place in 4th - 6th grade Chess Competition on in May 2002 (Grade 4), Many Dance Awards, Won many awards in the Inventor's Fair in grades (3 + 4), and won a first place trophy along with many ribbons for showing her dog.


"When I was watching the "Amanda Show" on Nickelodeon, I heard Penelope Taynt saying "View my website @ www."   And that's when I got inspired to make MY OWN website.   I didn't know at the time what my website would be about, I just knew I wanted to make one.   So I asked my brother if I could make my own website and he said "yes, we have a program on our computer, but what would it be about?"   I said to him "I don't really know" but right at that time I knew that I wanted to make a website about MY COLLIE, LUCKY!!!!!   So I told him that and he said, "Great, now just take some pieces of paper and do some sketches and we'll start tomorrow."   I couldn't wait.   I made as many sketches as possible!   So the next day we started working on it and I was just a typing away after my brother got me started!   Then, two months later I got it done, published it and wham!   I'm DONE!!!!   It already has had hundreds of visitors come on it, so I know, it's perfect!   I also plan on making more of my own websites!"--Anne Elizabeth.

"WOW!   Anne really got it done!   I didn't think it would work so well!   She already has loads of visitors!   WOW!!!"--Brother Joe, age 23.

"I am SO proud of Anne!   And I love her!"--Janice, Mom.



Color:   Pink

Song:   Pop & I Love Rock and Roll & Get the Party Started

Pet:   Dog & Cat

Store:   Aeropostale, and Marshall Field's.

Ice cream flavor:   Cherry Chocolate Chunk.

Amusement Park:   Valley Fair in Shakopee, MN.

Ride there:   The Wild Thing.

Restaurant in Minnesota:   Tobie's.

Singer:   Pink & Avril Lavigne.

Band:   N'Sync.

Disney Character:   Mickey Mouse.

All That Cast Member:   Lisa Foiles.

Actress:   Amanda Bynes'

Actor:   Nick Cannon

Sport:   Acting, Dance

Hobby:   Shopping

Food:   Lasagne, sausage pizza, and Italian Dunkers.

Clothing:   Jeans with ties, with Long sweater.

Outdoor Event:    Biking.

Friend:   Nicole

Grade:   5

Type of Cake:   Marble

Occasion:   Reunion for her mom's side.  

Holiday:   Birthday & Christmas

School Subject:   Reading

Spare time:   Chat with fans, dance, Act and make people
laugh, and shop.

Junk Foods:   Monster Cookies, Sour Cream & Onion chips, and Marble cake.

Movie:   Big Fat Liar

Book:   Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse and Torn Thread by Anne Isaccs

Car:   4-Runner

TV show:   The Amanda Show on Nickelodeon

Music Artists:   No Doubt, N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, Aaron Carter, Spice Girls, Pink, and Lisa "Left eye" Lopez (WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER HER).

TV Sport:   Football.

TV Sports Team:   The Minnesota Vikings.