Biography On Lucky

Name:   Luckster Duckster

Age:   9 months.

Birthdate:   January 16th, 2002.

Residence:   Clearwater, Minnesota

Family:   Dad [Smokey 5, Sable Merle], Mom [Tucker, Tri - Color], (7/11 siblings of hers died in the cold of the Winter), Brother [Monster, tri - color], Sister [Meeka, tri - color], and Brother [Neato, Blue Merle].

Likes:   Running, Chasing Cars, chasing Kano, jumping, being shown, etc.

Dislikes:   Taking baths, cats, being trained (JK), NOT being shown, etc.

Nick names:   Lucky Ducky, Baby Luck, LD, Luck Duck, Luck, Luckster, Luckster Duckster, and Lucky.

Height:   2 feet.

Best Friend:   Skye (Anne's sister's husband's dog), and of course, ANNE!!!!!

Wishes:   To be the best show dog ever!

Hobbies:   Being shown, etc.

Achievements:    Has been told she's the prettiest dog ever, and has won MANY awards for being shown.



Color:   Black & White.

Pet:   Dog

Actress:   Amanda Bynes' (She gets that from ANNE!)

Sport:   Showing.

Hobby:   Being Shown.

Food:   Pig's ears bones, beef snacks, Iams regular puppy chow.

Outdoor Event:    Running.