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Yo!   These are very fun message boards that you can join in on the fun too!   Please say your thoughts and feelings about any subject you choose!  These messages will be checked over by Anne (me) and if your message or reply hasn't come up in the message board within 2 weeks after you sent it, then it may have had a cussing mark, etc in it and we are not allowed to put that kind of stuff on this website!!!  (Dont Worry:  There might be some difficulties some time to get it on so don't worry that you said something bad, etc!)  But, please check all of your messages for the following and if youhave done this and fixed all of the following, you will be fine!:  NO CUSSING or saying saying anything bad about or rumors about any of the subjects, no threatening, no asking personal questions, no saying mean remarks or 'come-backs' such as:  'duh', etc to anyone else's message on this message board, and.......YOU GET THE POINT!!!!  Now have fun!!!!...................

ALSO:  To start a topic or reply to someone else's topic or message, please e-mail Anne (me) by clicking the mailbox below and just simply state your login name and password and your message and what subject it shoud go under [example:  celebrity], and if you're starting a new TOPIC then say the name of your new topic also!!!!  Note; you must be 17 and younger to be able to write on these message boards!  Thanks!  

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