Aspect talismans are specially designed to help counteract negative influences caused by certain
problematic planetary alignments that appear in a person's natal horoscope, such as oppositions
or squares. The talismans shown below were created to correct such negatively aligned planetary
forces and to bring them together, through an alliance of their respective angels, in a beneficial &
harmonious unity. The astrological symbols of the relevant planets are combined and surrounded
by angelic sigils and enclosed within a double circle filled with hexagrams and Hebrew letters spelling
out the Magic word "ARARITA"--a Qabalistic Notaricon derived from the sentence: "One is His
Beginning, One is His Individuality, His Permutation is One." This is a powerful unifying mantra.


Note: "Simon Jester" watermark does
not appear on actual talismans.

The talismans shown above are examples of Aspect Harmonizing Talismans I've recently designed for
people challenged by oppositions between these particular planets in their horoscopes. Such talismans
must, of course, be personalized. Unless you already know the particular aspects of your horoscope
that need harmonized, making one of these talismans for you requires that I research your natal chart
and determine its exact planetary relationships.

Natal Chart Research Fee: Add $10.00 to the prices listed below.
Please include complete date, time, and place of birth.

Plain Parchment or card stock(2.75" diameter):
 $5.95 + $2.50 shipping & handling

Parchment backed with black painted wooden disk
(3" diameter):

$8.95 + $2.50 Shipping & Handling

Framed Version: $12.95 + $5.00 Shipping and handling

Consecrated versions of these planetary talismans can be requested for
an additional charge of $15.00. Time must be allowed for the stars
& planets to be in the proper configurations for the charging & consecration
of talismans with the desired forces.

I accept money orders and PayPal
For requests and ordering information, email Simon Jester at:

The Symbolicon

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