Talisman of Mercury
& the Angel Michael

Note: "Simon Jester" watermark does
not appear on actual talisman.

Efficiency, communications, travel, trade, and mental agility all come under the rule of the planet Mercury. Assigned to the intellectual sephira Hod, Mercury also corresponds to the Path of Beth (# 12) on the Tree of Life, a Path which connects the highest sephira Kether to Binah, the sephira of Understanding. Symbolized by the Tarot's Magician card, this Path confers magical mastery over the Four Elements (Fire, Water, Air & Earth) and the ability to bring spiritual
energy into material manifestation. This talisman is inscribed in Hebraic with the name and magical sigil of the angel Michael, and will help anyone who earnestly wishes to evolve in
their study of the Magical Arts.

Plain Parchment or card stock (2.75" diameter):
$5.95 + $2.50 shipping & handling

Parchment backed with orange painted wooden disk
(3" diameter):

$8.95 + $2.50 Shipping & Handling

Framed Version: $12.95 + $5.00 Shipping and handling

Consecrated versions of these planetary talismans can be requested for
an additional charge of $15.00. Time must be allowed for the stars
& planets to be in the proper configurations for the charging & consecration
of talismans with the desired forces.


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