Welcome to the Symbolicon, where you will discover a selection of Astrological, Qabalistic,
and Magical talismans for sale.  Talismans have been used since the dawn of magic itself, and help those who
use them properly to become more attuned with the invisible forces and Beings they symbolize.  Our talismans
are made entirely of organic materials such as parchment or card stock (your choice) and can be mounted
on a painted wooden disk or framed. You may also have your talisman ritually charged and consecrated
for an additional fee.  All of the talismans herein were created with Hebrew Letter Squares generated
according to highly specific instructions received during Qabalistic Pathworkings and Angelic Communications
such as those conducted by John Dee and Edward Kelley in the 16'th century.


Planetary Talismans

Zodiac Talismans

Aspect Harmonizing Talismans