Peter Coe as
Ilzor Zandaab

Whereas John Carradine had portrayed Yousef Bey as an intimidating religious fanatic, actor Peter Coe interpreted High Priest Ilzor Zandaab in The Mummy's Curse (1944) as a dreamy mystic. When confronted by people's skepticism concerning the legend of Kharis, he gazes into ethereal depths of wisdom and says, "In the dicta of the fathers it is written: 'Truth will flourish in fantasy only to wither and die in what you are pleased to call reality.'" Easily the most spiritual of the High Priests, Coe is the only one of the bunch who remains immune to romantic temptation. His only mistake was in his unfortunate choice of Martin Kosleck as a henchman. Kosleck turns traitor at the end of The Mummy's Curse, and Coe's tenure as High Priest is ended abruptly by a knife in the back.

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