George Zucco as
Professor Andoheb

Actor George Zucco brought a suave, sophisticated aura of menace to his portrayal of High Priest Andoheb in The Mummy's Hand (1940.)With his slow, almost purring intonation and steady, piercing gaze, Zucco projected an unsettling sense of self-confident evil and total control over others. He portrayed the first of a series of High Priests to succumb to the charms of the leading lady--a character weakness somewhat at odds with his otherwise self-assured, intensely focused personality. Zucco went on to play the heavy in a host of other B chillers throughout the forties. Watch closely as he meets his end in The Mummy's Hand. After being shot by Wallace Ford, High Priest Andoheb takes an impressive fall down the long stone staircase of the Temple of Karnak. Zucco was almost bald, but the figure we see tumbling down the stairs has a head full of thick dark hair!

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