A Letter from Ramsay Ames!

Autograph from letter sent to me by Ramsay
Ames in 1997.

Ramsay Ames was always my favorite "mummy's girl." I can vividly remember how upset I got when I first saw her shrivel up and sink into the swamp with Kharis at the end of The Mummy's Ghost. I was only four or five years old, and thought that pretty leading ladies were always supposed to escape from the monsters at the end of the film! I fantasized endlessly about how I would have saved her from the mummy's clutches had I been there at Mapleton, MA, during Kharis' reign of terror.

I always wanted to send Ramsay Ames a fan letter, but never knew how to find her. Happily, several years ago, Paul Parla's interview with Miss Ames appeared in Scary Monsters Magazine (#23) and helped establish a point of contact. I wrote a letter which Mr. Parla kindly forwarded to her. And several weeks later, Ramsay Ames--the one and only Amina Mansouri from The Mummy's Ghost--wrote back. It was like receiving a letter from the Princess Ananka herself! Ramsay was happy to receive a fan letter, and expressed surprise that someone would remember her appearance in the third film of the Kharis series. Her surprise was unnecessary, because many, many people have fond memories of the beautiful Ramsay Ames.

I framed the letter which she sent me, and keep it along with her photo, the original Aurora Mummy model, my fez, and a reproduction of the medallion of the High Priests of Karnak, all in our family library. This letter is one of my prized possessions.