The Medallion of the
High Priests of Karnak

Every High Priest in the Kharis series wore the distinctive medallion pictured
above. It was just as much a part of their unique ambience as
tana leaves,
a provides a good example of the detail to which Universal Studios went
to provide effective atmosphere for these old classic films.
The medallion depicts the Hill of the Seven Jackals, and shows the
location of the cave tomb of Kharis and the secret passage leading
from it to the hidden tomb of the Princess Ananka.
Just like the famous Wolf-and-Pentagram pin designed for
The Wolf Man, which was sold to a collector years ago, the Medallion
of the High Priests of Karnak probably still exists somewhere.
But where? At
The Monster Bash, Forry Ackerman told me it definitely
wasn't in his collection. "For all we know," he said, "it could be gathering
dust on some shelf at Universal!"

I would like to propose a search for this medallion! If any
collector of movie memorabilia knows of the whereabouts
of this priceless prop from the Kharis series, please
contact me at
The Andoheb High Priest Training Academy.


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