Travel back in time and gaze upon...
                          The   Ancestors of Kharis
                                                                   The mummy of Yuya (upper left), an XVIII'th
                                                                   Dynasty nobleman found in an intact tomb in

                                                                   the Valley of the Kings by Theodore Davis
                                                                   in 1905, is the most likely model used by Jack
                                                                   Pierce when he did the makeup for both Karloff's
                                                                   Imhotep and Tom Tyler's Kharis in The Mummy's
(bottom left.)





                                              Most film historians agree that the makeup used by
                                              Lon Chaney (seen below in The Mummy's Tomb)

                                     probably was inspired by the mummy of XX'th
                                               Dynasty Pharaoh Ramesses III (at right.)