Magazine Cover Appearances

Kharis has occasionally made it onto the covers of various horror film magazines.
Here are a few of his more notable appearances.

Famous Monsters # 36
Artist Vic Prezio's cover depicted Kharis
as he appeared in The Mummy's Ghost.







Famous Monsters # 83
Basil Gogos rendered a scene from The
Mummy's Tomb
for this cover.






Castle of Frankenstein # 3
Larry Ivie's mummy looks like a cross between
Karloff's Imhotep and Tom Tyler in The Mummy's





Eerie12.jpg (36017 bytes)


Eerie # 12
This visually dynamic cover recreates a famous
scene from The Mummy's Curse.





Scarlet Street # 35
This cover uses a colorized version of
a still from the scene that inspired the
Eerie cover above.





FM215.jpg (137531 bytes)



Famous Monsters # 215
Cover artist Arlis portrays Kharis as he
appeared in The Mummy's Tomb. Thanks go 
to loyal Kharis fan Brendon Schlitt for
 reminding me about this cover.




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