Mummy Box Art and Model

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     No Kharis fan growing up in the early sixties missed the chance to build the Aurora Mummy Model. Originally molded in light gray plastic, this figure closely reproduces the withered features of Lon Chaney, Jr.'s version of Kharis. Ironically, however, both box art and model depict an Egyptian temple base unlike anything through which Chaney's mummy ever shambled! Except for the beginning of The Mummy's Tomb, the films in which Chaney wore the bandages took place mostly in the U.S.A. Below is a digital image of the finished product, which closely reproduces the look of the box art with the exception of the cobra, which does not actually coil around the mummy's leg. At the time these models first appeared, most kids painted them with glossy enamels. The model below was done laboriously with water colors in order to produce a non-glossy realistic look.

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