A Portrait of Kharis!

"Kharis...is still alive!"--by William Max Miller
(Copyright 2000 by Wm. M. Miller)

I've always wanted to paint Kharis in his dormant state, the way he must have
looked for three thousand years as he waited for that fateful day in 1940
when Universal Studios unleashed him on the world.  This all-original computer-
generated "painting"  depicts Lon Chaney, Jr., as Kharis, propped up against
a hieroglyph covered wall. I hope you like it!

You can now purchase a framed and signed reproduction
of this work. Write to me at w.miller115@verizon.net for information.
. After deducting my cost for framing, all other proceeds from
selling copies of
"Kharis...Is Still Alive!" will be donated
to the
Lon Chaney, Jr., Star Fund.
So lend a (mummy's) hand, and help get Lon, Jr.,
the Star he so rightfully deserves on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame!

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