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Dreams of Tomorrow:
Science Fiction Visions of the Future

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    The human brain waits before a space suit and a multistage rocket, while blueprints point the way to the future. In the background, a door opens onto the mysteries of the universe. This stunning painting by Schomburg, titled Still Life in Space, adorned the cover of the April, 1953, issue of Galaxy Science Fiction. It captures the feeling of those years between WWII and the launching of Sputnik, when everyday reality seemed poised at the threshold of incredible journeys to other worlds. There was a sense that something tremendous was about to happen; that dreams were hovering at the edge of actuality, and that the limits of possibility were being redefined in new, remarkably expansive ways.
Dreams of Tomorrow, we will showcase art from science fiction magazines of the fifties (and sometimes from earlier periods whenever antecedents help illustrate the evolution of certain artistic conventions and trends.) The cover and interior illustrations of these magazines, with their depictions of new worlds, alien life forms, and incredible dangers, helped shape our visions of tomorrow, and fired our imaginations with exotic images and strange scenes. They also symbolized the hopes and fears of post-nuclear Cold War society, and provide important psychological documents from that troubled period. Our selection of artwork reflects several major themes that ran through popular science fiction art of the times.

Spaceships to the Stars
Prelude to the 50's
Some Classic 50's Models

Science Fiction/Science Fact

Exploring New Worlds
Far Horizons
The Red Planet Mars

Living in Space
The Space Station

The Dangers of Space
Disaster Among the Stars
Man Overboard!

Alien Encounters

Terror in Space
Interplanetary Laughter


Apocalyptic Visions
Early Warnings

The Ambivalent Atom
Worst Case Scenario

Artistic Experiments
Surreal Dreamscapes

Special Features!
Alien Ghost Ship
See my original artwork and read about
a strange encounter
with ancient relics from another world. Not from the 1950's,
but I hope you like it!

Special Illustrations for
The Man in the Maze
See three illustrations for Robert Silverberg's unforgettable tale,
plus other examples of  my own SF/Fantasy artwork.


 A Destination Moon Retrospective!
Return to 1950 and see exciting images from the film
that defined the look of space art for an entire decade!
Let Robert A. Heinlein explain the secrets behind the
special effects that earned this film an Oscar!

Special Exhibit!
"Saturn from Japetus."
See artist Charles Schneeman's spectacular cover for the April, 1939, 
issue of Astounding Science Fiction, and learn how this painting 
influenced famous 50's space artist Chesley Bonestell.

Special Section!
For years, I've searched for a copy of The Complete Book of Outer Space (ed. by
Jeffrey Logan, MACO Books, 1953.) Just two days ago, my friend Ditch Gault
spotted it on
eBay and I placed the winning bid. Click on the title below to view scans of the
cover and interior illustrations from this rare publication. This magazine
holds a lot of memories for kids who grew up in the fifties!

The Complete Book of Outer Space
See spaceships, spacesuits, Hugo Gernsback's lunar mining base
and more, all done in the best 1950's SF art tradition!

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Far Horizons, 2001 by William Max Miller

Please come back for more Dreams of Tomorrow in the near future. New images (all taken from my personal collection of S. F. magazines) will be added from time to time. While you're surfing, check out a site devoted to space art from educational books printed in the forties and fifties. Some of you are old enough to remember when these books first appeared, and will enjoy seeing them again. Would you like to buy some old science fiction magazines like the ones displayed on these pages? Fantastic Collectibles has them all, at fantastically low prices!

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