On Demons

"The magical universe is like an ocean. The great tides move through it invisibly and men are swept about by them, but are sometimes strong enough and clever enough to master and use them. And in the cold black currents which come up from the deeps there are strange and sinister creatures lurking...." Richard Cavendish, The Black Arts, 1967.

An Introduction to Demons

Identifying Demons

Banishing Demons

Goetic Seals

Demonic Artwork

External Demon Links

The Goetia
The Mathers & Crowley 1904 edition,
presented by Donald Tyson.

The Twilit Grotto Archives of Western Esoterica
One of the best online sources for the classic grimoires.

Goetia Magick
This is a beautifully designed site with a very
creative display of demon seals that are
fun to catch!