Divinus Verum est Eternus Lumen.

    Infinite worlds, strange and mysterious, surround us. Our small, everyday reality is well-charted and preoccupies our consciousness with its daily distractions: economy, politics, science, and society. Most people say that such things are the only realities. But other dimensions exist beyond the shadows of our mundane realm; unsuspected worlds of deep darkness and brilliant light, where spirits, phantoms, Angels and demons, ancient traditions, and forgotten religions are still vital and stirring. Although many deny their existence, the unknown worlds that wait just beyond the boundaries of our officially sanctioned assumptions still make their presence felt in the fantasy of our dreams and the fear of our nightmares. Most people choose to turn away from these hidden dimensions and prefer the familiar security of common daylight. But others move toward the unknown and willingly enter its domain, unafraid of public scorn or unknown dangers. This website is designed for those who want to know more about the Hidden Worlds, and offers information that may be useful to travelers whose paths lead them into these strange lands.
    Our pages are intended for sincere individuals seeking the truth about a much-misunderstood subject: Esoteric Magic. Many people who know little about true Magic claim to know much, and thereby mislead seekers after truth with promises of earthly wealth, romantic success, and power as it is defined by those under the sway of the illusions of this world. The simple truth is that Magic will not earn you earthly riches, help you satisfy merely carnal/emotional desires, or enable you to get revenge against those who have threatened or injured your ego. Such trifles are beneath the consideration of true Esoteric Magic, and the desire to attain such limited and temporary rewards stands in the way of magical progress. Real magic is a method of purging oneself from such distractions so that the Inner Consciousness is free to perceive a higher reality. Thus freed of obscurations, the Higher Self can exert its incarnate will with unimpeded effectiveness because it more completely embodies a greater Will. Real magic elevates the mind and brings about a metamorphosis of the personality in which the worries, concerns, and motives of our specific individuality, place, and time melt and dissolve in the crucible of Eternity. From this higher vantage point, from the pinnacle of this lofty spiritual perspective, new vistas of meaning appear, new arenas of action open, new and utterly different kinds of goals emerge.
    In these pages, you will find some time-honored exercises and rituals employed by students of the Western & Eastern Esoteric Traditions to help them change their points-of-view from the Worldly to the Magical. These practices, culled from numerous groups, Orders, and esoteric traditions will enable the diligent practitioner to open, within him-or-herself, a window onto higher worlds. All that is required is daily practice, self-discipline, keeping written records that can be thoughtfully reflected upon, and a willingness to persevere even though no progress initially seems to be made. Gaining admission into the Inner Realms takes time. One does not set sail upon the great Inner River of Universal Images without first following the many smaller tributaries of personal memory and symbolism to their source. Such exploration is a necessary preparation that strengthens the explorer and inculcates the skills needed to handle the vastly stronger currents which diligent efforts inevitably reach.