Table of Divine Names
Associated with the Ten Sephiroth

Here are the Names of Power associated with the ten Sephiroth on the Tree of Life. I give
them first in English and then in Hebraic script. The information contained below derives
from Bill Heidrick's incredibly well-researched web pages. Heidrick got them from Crowley, who got them from Mathers, who got them from various Qabalistic sources. In other words, these names have been handed down and "received" for centuries. I've attempted to arrange a fraction of the data which Mr. Heidrick provides in a slightly more user-friendly fashion.



God Name: Eheieh ("I Am") hyha

Archangel: Metatron ("Beyond the Thrones") Nvreem


Mundane Chakra: Rashith Ha-Galgalim ("the swirling forces," i.e., galaxies):

  Mylglgh tywar





God Name: Yahweh hvhy

Archangel: Ratziel ("Secret of God") layzr

Angels: Auphanim ("the Wheels") Mynpa


Mundane Chakra: Maslot  (the Zodiac) tvlsm



God Name: Jehovah Elohim    Myhla hvhy

Archangel: Tzaphkiel (The Hidden Voice of God)   layqpx

Angels: Aralim (The Mighty Ones, The Thrones) Mylara

Dionysian Rank: Thrones--These raise up the soul and establish it in the service of the Divine

Planet: Shabbatai (Saturn) yatbw

Planetary Angel: Cassiel   lask

Planetary Intelligence: Agiel (Flee from God) layga

Planetary Spirit: Zaziel (Destroyer) lazz

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn: Gedi  ydg

Capricornís Archangel: Hanael (Sign of Godís Presence)  lanh

2'd Zodiac Sign:  Aquarius: Doli   yld

Aquarius's Archangel: Gabriel (Might of God) larybl





God Name: El (God is Mighty)  lA

Archangel: Tzadqiel (Righteousness of God)  lAyqdx

Angels: Chashmalim (The Shining Ones) slmwc

Dionysian Rank:  Dominions--These bestow order and justice

Planet: Jupiter (Tzdeq) qdx

Planetary Angel: Sachiel  laks

Planetary Intelligence: Iopiel (Iophiel) (The Beauty of God) lapvy

Planetary Spirit: Hismael (The Spice of God) lamsh

Zodiac Sign:  Pisces: Dagim  sygd

Piscesí Archangel: Barchiel (Son of the Living God) laycrb

2'nd Zodiac Sign:   Sagittarius  Keshit  twq

Sagittariusís  Archangel: Adonachiel (Lord of the Mark of God) layklda





God Name: Elohim Gibor (God is Mighty) rvbg Myhla

Archangel: Kamael (Longing or Burning of God) lamk

Angels: Seraphim (The Burning Ones or The Fiery Serpents) Myprw

Dionysian Rank: The Virtuesóthese bestow grace and valour.

Planet: Mars (Madim) Mydam

Planetary Angel:  Samael (The Spice of God)  lams

Planetary Intelligence: Graphiel (The Might of God) layparg

Planetary Spirit: Bartzabel (Son of Godís Army or Godís Soldier) labaxrb

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio (Akrab) brqi

Zodiac Archangel: Barbiel (Son of Godís Prospering) laybrb

2índ Zodiac Sign: Aries (Tale) hle

2índ Zodiac Archangel: Melchidael (King of the Hand of God) ladyklm


God Name: Yawheh Eloah va-Da'at (God and Knowledge) tidv hvla hvhy

Archangel: Raphael (Healing of God) lapr

Angels: Melakim (The Kings) syklm

Dionysian Rank: The Powers-- These aid the human mind to break free of the forces that draw man to earthly thoughts.

Planet: The Sun (Schemesh)  wmw

Planetary Angel: Michael (Like God)    lakym

Planetary Intelligence: Nakhiel (Smiting of God)  laykn 

Planetary Spirit: Sorath (The Turned Away)  trvs

Zodiac Sign: Leo (Ari)  hyra
Zodiac Angel: Verchiel  (Very Gentle One of God)






God Name: Yahweh Sabaoth (God is Splendour)  tvabx hvhy

Archangel: Haniel (Ship of God) laynah

Angels: Elohim (The Deities or The Ships) Myhla

Dionysian Rank: Principalities-- These aid men to turn toward the Divine service and away from the earth.

Planet: Venus (Nogah) hgvn

Planetary Angel: Anial (The Ship of God)    layna

Planetary Intelligence: Hagiel (the Cutting of God) laygh

Planetary Spirit: Kedemel (The Morning of God)  lamdq

Zodiac Sign: Taurus: Sur rvw

Taurusís Archangel: Asmodel (Hawk of the Storehouse)  ladvmsa

2'nd Zodiac Sign: Libra: Mozenim Mynzam

Libraís Archangel: Zuriel (The Binding Up of God) layrvz




God Name: Elohim Tzabaoth (The Deities are Splendour) tvabx myhla

Archangel: Michael (Like God) lakym

Angels: Beni Elohim (The Sons of God) Myhla ynb

Dionysian Rank: ArchangelsóTeach the soul self-knowledge and spiritual things

Planet: MercuryóKokab bkvk

Planetary Angel: Raphael (Healing of God)  lapr

Planetary Intelligence: Tiriel (Wall of God) layrye

Planetary Spirit: Taphtartarat (Violently Spitting) trtrtpt

Zodiac Sign: Virgo (Betula) hlvtb

Zodiac Archangel: Hamaliel (Abundance of God) laylmh

2índ Zodiac Sign: Gemini (Tomaim) Mymvat

2índ Zodiac Archangel: Ambriel (Mother of the Corn of God) layrbma





God Name: Shaddai El Chai  (Almighty Living God)  yc la ydw

Archangel: Gabriel (Mighty One of God) layrbg

Angels: Kerubim (The Cherubs) Mybvrk


Dionysian Rank: Angels-- These minister to man and purify and uplift the things of Nature

Planet: Lebanah  hnbl

Planetary Angel: Gabriel (Mighty One of God) layrbg

Planetary Intelligence: Malkah (Bride or Queen) hklm

Planetary Spirit: Schad Barschemot Ha-Shartatan (Demon Son of the Fame of the Serving Ones):

Nttrwh timwrb dw

Zodiac Sign: Cancer: Soratan Ners      

Zodiac Archangel: Muriel (Water and Rain of God) layrvm




God Name: Adonai Ha-Aretz ("Lord of the Earth") Xrah ynda

Archangel: Sandalphon--Nvpldns

Alternatively, the Archangel is sometimes given as Nephesch Ha-Messiah--hywmh wpn

Angels: Aishim ("Souls of Fire") Mywa


Planet: Olam Yesodot--the Earth--tvdvsy Mlvi