LamedAlephDaletYodKafLamedMem   LamedAlephDaletVauMemSamekhAleph   LamedAlephYodReshBetMemAleph   LamedAlephYodReshVauMem  LamedAlephYodKafReshVau


All the Zodiac Archangel Names (74 letters total)

LamedAlephYodChetReshBet LamedAlephYodReshBetGimel LamedAlephNunHay LamedAlephYodKafNunDaletAleph LamedAlephYodBetReshBet LamedAlephYodReshVauZain LamedAlephYodLamedMemHay LamedAlephYodKafReshVau LamedAlephYodReshVauMem LamedAlephYodReshBetMemAleph LamedAlephDaletVauMemSamekhAleph LamedAlephDaletYodKafLamedMem


Reduction of Zodiac Archangel Names (15 letters total). These are the letters needed to make all the Archangelic Names:

Chet Gimel Nun Zain Hay Resh Bet Vau Samekh Aleph Dalet Yod Kaf Lamed Mem



Now I start with each Archangel's Name and take a letter from each, beginning with the first. I start with Melachidael and take the "mem." Then I move to Asmodel and take the "aleph." With Ambriel I already have an "aleph" and a "mem," but I don't have a "beth," so that is the letter I take. I pass over the letters I already have and take only those I don't have until I have used all 15 letters needed to make the Archangel's Names. The 16'th space is filled by repeating the first letter in the sequence that has only been used once before--in this case it was "aleph."









Zodiac Archangel Square. When all the letters of the Names of the Zodiac Archangels are reduced by eliminating repeats, we end up with 15 letters. To make a square, I chose a square with 16 spaces because 16 is the number closest to 15. To fill in the spaces, I used the traditional Qabalistic method called "As the Ox Plows." I began with the upper right space and moved left, in the direction in which Hebrew is written. The next line moved from left to right, the next from right to left, etc. To fill in the final empty 16'th square, I arbitrarily began the whole sequence again with the letter "mem."




Archangelic Names Attributed to the Signs of the Zodiac:

Name in
Approx. English
Sign and
15 LamedAlephDaletYodKafLamedMem Melchidael King of the Hand of God Aries Aries March
16 LamedAlephDaletVauMemSamekhAleph Asmodel Hawk of the Storehouse Taurus Taurus April
17 LamedAlephYodReshBetMemAleph Ambriel Mother of the Corn of God Gemini Gemini May
18 LamedAlephYodReshVauMem Muriel Water and Rain of God Cancer Cancer June
19 LamedAlephYodKafReshVau Verchiel Very Gentle One of God Leo Leo July
20 LamedAlephYodLamedMemHay Hamaliel Abundance of God Virgo Virgo August
22 LamedAlephYodReshVauZain Zuriel The Binding up of God Libra Libra September
24 LamedAlephYodBetReshBet Barbiel Son of God's Prospering Scorpio Scorpio October
25 LamedAlephYodKafNunDaletAleph Adonachiel Lord of the Mark of God Sagittarius Sagittarius November
26 LamedAlephNunHay Hanael Indication of God's Presence Capricorn Capricorn December
28 LamedAlephReshYodBetGimel Gabirel Might of God Aquarius Aquarius January
29 LamedAlephYodChetReshBet Barchiel Son of the Living God Pisces Pisces February