Post Interment Activity
 in the Tomb of Yuya and Tuyu
by William Max Miller, M.A.


    Although often described as "intact," the burial of Yuya and Tuyu had been extensively plundered in ancient times, and Quibell, Davis, Maspero, and Weigall discovered many indications of illicit post interment activity in the tomb. Davis, who expressed initial skepticism regarding the archeological potential of the excavation site, proved to be correct when he doubted that a burial located so closely between KV 3 and KV 4 would be found undisturbed. "The site was most unpromising," he wrote, "lying as it did between the Ramses (sic.) tombs, which had required many men for many years; therefore it did not seem possible that a tomb could have existed in so narrow a space without being discovered." (IT, xxv.) Although the site turned out to be much more promising than Davis first suspected, evidence clearly shows that KV 46 had, indeed, been discovered by thieves and robbed of many of its smaller grave goods.

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