Abbreviations used for sources and tomb labeling

AE = Ancient Egypt (London.)

AG = A'gyptische und andere Graffiti (Inschriften und Zeichnungen) aus der Thebanischen Nekropolis           (Heidelberg, 1921) by W. Spiegelberg

AN = Dra Abu’l Naga

ARE = Ancient Records of Egypt 2 (London, 1988) by James Breasted.

ASAE = Annales du Service des Antiquites de l’Egypt (Cairo.)

ASAE34 = ASAE (1934), Derry.

ASAE9 = ASAE 9 (1908), Daressy.

BIE = Victor Loret in the Bulletin de l'Institut Egyptien (Cairo) (3 ser.) 9 (1898.)

BiOr = Bibliotheca Orientalis (Leiden.)

BM = British Museum

BSFE = Bulletin de la Societe francaise d'egyptologie (Paris.)

C = Century Magazine (May, 1887), (article about DB 320 discovery by Edward Wilson.)

CCR = Cercueils des cachettes royales (Cairo, 1909) by Daressy.

CP = Chronicle of the Pharaohs (Thames and Hudson, 2'nd edition, 1996) by Peter A. Clayton.

CVK = The Complete Valley of the Kings (London & New York, 1996) by Nicholas Reeves and 
             Richard Wilkinson.   

DB = Dier el-Bahari

DEM = Der Einfluss der Militarfuhrer in der 18. agyptischen Dynastie (Leipzig, 1939) by H. W. Helck.

DRN = The Valley of the Kings; the Decline of a Royal Necropolis (Kegan Paul International, 
              1990), by C.N.Reeves.

EB = Emile Brugsch

EEFAR = Egypt Exploration Fund Archeological Report (London.)

EM = Egyptian Mummies Kegan Paul International, 1991. Originally published in 1924) by 
           G. Elliot Smith and Warren Dawson.

EMbm = Egyptian Mummies (British Museum/Harvard University Press, 1984) by Carol Andrews.

EMs = Egyptian Mummies (Shire Egyptology series, 1984), B. Andrews.

EMC-87 = Official Catalogue: The Egyptian Museum, Cairo (Verlag Philipp von Zabern, 1987.)

Fouilles de la Vallee des Rois 1898-1899 (Cairo, 1902), by G. Daressy.

GAE = Glimpses of Ancient Egypt; Studies in Honor of H. W. Fairman (Warminster, 1979), ed. by Ruffle,
            Gaballa , and Kitchen.

GCM = Guide to the Cairo Museum (1908.)

GdV = Guide du Visiteur (1905) by Gaston Maspero.

GI(HCA) = Griffith Institute (Howard Carter Archive.)

GPI = The Graffito of Pinutem I in the Tomb of Ramesses XI (San Francisco, 1979) by
            M. Ciccarello.

Gr =
Graffiti de la montagne thebaine (Cairo, 1969-1974) by Jaroslav Cerny, A. A. Sadek, and others.

H II = Les hypogees royaux de Thebes (Paris, 1886-1889) by Eugene Lefebure.

HA = Die Hohenpriester des Amun von Karnak von Herihor bis zum Ende der Athiopenzeit
(Leiden, 1964) by H. Kees.        

HE = The Valley of the Kings: Horizon of Eternity (1990) by Erik Hornung.

IT = The Tomb of Iouiya and Touiyou (1907) published by Theodore Davis.

JARCE16 = JARCE1 16 (1979), Niwinski.

JNES = Journal of Near Eastern Studies.

KMT = KMT-A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt.

KV = King’s Valley (the Valley of the Kings)

MA = The March of Archeology (Thames and Hudson, 1958,) by C. W. Ceram.

MiAE = Mummies in Ancient Egypt (Thames and Hudson, 1998), by Salima Ikram and Aidan         

MMM = Mummies, Myth, and Magic (Thames and Hudson, 1989) by Christine El Mahdy.

MP = The Mayer Papyri A and B (London, 1920) by T. E. Peet.

MR1 = La Trouvaille de Dier el-Bahari (Cairo, 1881) by G. Maspero.

MR = Les momies royales de Deir el-Bahari (Cairo, 1889) by G. Maspero.

N I = Monuments de l'Egypte et da la Nubie. Notices descriptives (Paris, 1844-89) by J. -F. Champollion.

NG = The National Geographic Magazine.

O = Ostraca hieratiques (Cairo, 1930-1935) by Jaroslav Cerny.

PF = Papyrus Funeraires de la XXIe Dynastie (Paris, 1912), by Edouard Naville.

RdT = Racueil de travaux relatifs a la philologie et a l'archeologie 
            egyptiennes assyriennes

RG = Ramesses The Great (Boston Museum of Science, 1988.)

RM = The Royal Mummies (Cairo, 1912) by G.E.Smith (See online version at University of Chicago here.)

RNT = The Royal Necropoleis of Thebes (Princeton, 1966) by Elizabeth Thomas.

RS = Royal Sarcophagi of the XVIII'th Dynasty (Princeton, 1935) by William C. Hayes.

SAK = Studien zur altagyptischen Kultur (Hamburg.)

Sci = Science 

TIP = The Third Intermediate Period (1100-650 B.C.) (Warminster, 1973) by K. A. Kitchen.

TTAA = Tombs, Temples, and Ancient Art (Norman 1956,) by Joseph Linden Smith.

TTIV = The Tomb of Thoutmosis IV (London, 1904) by Theodore Davis.

TVK = The Valley of the Kings (William Morrow and Company, 1981) by John Romer.

WN A = Wadi el-Nisr Tomb A 

WP = Wonders of the Past (Wise & Co., 1937.) 

XRA = An X-Ray Atlas of the Royal Mummies (Chicago, 1980) by J. E. Harris.

XRP = X-Raying the Pharaohs (New York, 1973) by J. E. Harris and Kent Weeks.