Nestanebetashru Photo Gallery
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The Osiris, Nestanebetashru, Justified.
May She Live Forever.





Far Left: The coffin of Nestanebetashru (from Ian Bolton's Egypt: Land of Eternity site.) 
Center & Far Right: Nestanebetashru's mummy during unwrapping (Emile Brugsch, 1896.)








The face of Nestanebetashru (Emile Brugsch, 1886.)







More views of Nestanebetashru (from G. E. Smith, The Royal Mummies.)


Section of Nestanebetasru's papyrus, (from The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities.)


NestaCopper.jpg (37630 bytes)

Copper vessel of Nestanebetashru
(from the Petrie Museum's Digital Egypt for Universities website.)



Shabti of Nestanebetashru 
(from Peter Clayton, Chronicle of the Pharaohs.)


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