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A Letter To Zhenya


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Just a letter for the "Big Guy."

Dorogoi Zhenya...
I have admired you for seven years and it seems like only a day. I always loved figure skating but never knew how captivating it could be before I heard your name and saw a 5 second clip of you doing the Biellmann spin. I didn't even know a man could skate well. Then I took interest in you, saw you perform and was amazed. You brought great joy to my life, and still do even when you are not skating.
I need only think of you skating, imagine you doing one of my programs, and all my troubles in my sometimes hectic life wash away at least temporarily. I thank you for giving me such relief and peace of mind. No one else, that I know or don't know, could do that.
You make me happy to be alive, I know that sounds strange, but it's true. You gave me someone to look up to and admire, not as an athlete but as a person. Thank you. Thank you for your passion, determination, your charisma, your existence. Thank you.
All my love for always,

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