Natalya Romanova's Residence

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Welcome to Natalya Ivanovna Romanova's beach house in Pearl Bay. Although they are very private people, the residents of this house have invited you for a brief tour of their home.

Natalya Romanova's home consists of 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, laundry room, a lounge that goes out to the patio outside, a living room, and an attic. That was transformed into another bedroom when one of its former occupants came back, and someone else had taken his place.

There is also a guest pool house, built not long after the former occupant, Mikhail, moved back in. The pool house has a fireplace and living room, though small, hot tub, and a bedroom. It's quite nice if one likes isolation from the sometimes-hectic life of the house.

This is Natalya's house from the front.

This is Natalya's house from the back.

Welcome! This is the entrance. Through this door is the living room, dining room, and the kitchen.

The living room.

This is young Anastasia Yurchikova's bedroom, also on the ground floor.

Up the stairs first is Evgeny Potemerenko's room.
Mr. Potemerenko has requested that we not enter the room across from it.

Evgeny Potemerenko's room

In the middle of the right hallway, Arcadii Kozlov has his room.

This is where Natalya and the others entertain their company.

Easy access to her private dock and beach area.
She only owns a simple, single rowboat though. No one there sails much.

Except for Mikhail, that is. He likes to go fishing once in a while.

Except for Mikhail, that is. He likes to go fishing once in a while.

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