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Albert P. Amaya

Phone: (0966-1) 4700005 Ext. 220
E-mail: albert.amaya@almarai.com

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To secure a rewarding technical position, allowing an opportunity to apply my extensive experience, creative skills and talent.


Cavite College of Arts and Trades, B.S.I.T. 
Electronics Technology

Cavite College of Arts and Trades, Technical Course
Electronics Technology


Design and Content Development

  • Developed and designed company’s official logos, promotional posters, newsletter, forms e.g. invoices, travel forms, safety forms, personnel application forms, sales and other marketing forms.
  • Composed press releases, online content and TV promotions for marketing advertisement.
  • Prepared layout and design of all Job vacancies advertisement under Personnel Department and subsequently published in some leading newspapers in Saudi Arabia and abroad (Ireland, UK, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka).
  • Coordinated the design and assisted all Divisional Training Managers for the preparation and layout of their training materials, handouts, presentations, catalogues and other required publications and media presentations.
  • Performed the design and assisted the Risk & Safety Manager for the compilation and conceptualists ideas of layout, design and preparation of all Safety Manuals, posters, brochures, handouts and presentations.
  • Performed the design and assisted the Marketing division through its Head and functional Managers in the preparation, design and layout of company’s product labels, promotional posters, company’s logo, brochures and other publications and media advertisements.
  • Prepared an in-house layout of all camera-ready artwork and electronic files for new and existing company’s brochures, manuals, catalogues, posters, control and product labels, training materials, certificates, handouts, newsletter and other electronic publications.

Web site Design, Implementation and Maintenance

  • Updated contents, information, promotions, job vacancies, graphic links, product news and features for Almarai Interactive Website. [Click Here].
  • Developed, designed, authored and maintained the Almarai official web pages using Microsoft FrontPage and Corel Web Page Design applications needed in producing HTML documents.
  • Created interactive content for website and presentations using interactive multimedia applications.

Desktop Publishing

  • Consulted and discussed design concepts with line managers and previous clients to obtain a clear understanding of their drawing requirements.
  • Designed, arranged layout and prepared booklets, brochures, advertisements, in-house magazines, newsletters, training and technical manuals, stationery and books ready for printing or publishing.
  • Liaised with various department about problems arising during the production phase and advise on possible solutions.
  • Produced superb graphics from an original concept either free-hand or by computer.
  • Merged photographs with computer images and scan into the publication.
  • Adjusted colorings on the computer; and save finished to camera-ready stage copy to disk or cartridge and forward it either to the printing or publishing house for mass production.
  • Designed graphics intended for publication using various DTP hardwares & softwares.
  • Scanned images and prepared a color separation for producing a high quality output design materials using various type of Scanners.
  • Designed and created various company’s certificates using different DTP programs.
  • Installed various computer together with some other peripherals, programs and applications.
  • Developed (from scratch) several monthly and quarterly newsletters for various companies and present employer.
  • Designed handbooks for a series of promotions for marketing and advertisement promotions.
  • Prepared quotations in an attempt to win work contracts.


  • Desktop Publisher - Personnel Department, Almarai Company Limited, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1992-present
  • Computer Graphic Designer - NS Ocana Copy Systems, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines, 1991-1992
  • Computer Technician/Layout Artist - University of the East, Claro M. Recto, Manila, Philippines, 1990-1991
  • Computer Operations Officer - Total Integrated Network Associates, Inc., Makati, M.M., Philippines, 1989-1990


  • Software/Computers: MS Word, MS Powerpoint, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Aldus Freehand, Quark Express, Microsoft FrontPage, Corel Web Page Design, MS Excel, HTML, setup of operating systems and hardware, more (proficient on both PCs and Mac platforms);
  • Knowledge of Computer Networking utilizing Local Area Network LAN (Novell ver. 3.11) Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT;
  • Copy editing/proof reading (very strong command of English grammar and spelling);
  • Knowledge in Arabic reading and writing; and
  • Hobbies: computer graphic designing, reading, travel, stamp collections, history.


  • Diarmuid Moloney (present employer)
    General Manager, Personnel & Administration Department,
    Almarai Company Limited
  • Aidan Dooley (present employer)
    Corporate HR Manager, Personnel & Administration Department,
    Almarai Company Limited
  • Brendan Nolan (present employer)
    General Manager, Marketing Department,
    Almarai Company Limited




Almarai Interactive Website
A corporate Web site containing information, graphic links, interactive multi-media forms and designs created for Almarai Company Limited located in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



Can be seen and available from my Profile page.



I have edited and designed several newsletters and publications, including The "UE" Review, for University of the East (monthly); Almarai Staff Newsletter, for Almarai Company Limited (quarterly); Welcome to Almarai Team, also for Almarai Company Limited and various newsletters and publication materials from my previous clients and employers.

Brochures and Miscellaneous
I have designed and produced a variety of brochures, flyers, ads, business cards, promotional posters, illustrations & logos, forms & invoices and corporate letterhead for my current employer and from my previous clients and several companies in the Philippines. Samples available on request.
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