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Here are some photos from our very successful evening with held on June 26, 2003 at the Goethe Institute, Tokyo:

Emi Takemura, Senior Product Mgr,
L to R: Yasuko Hirata, Chimaki Sato, Susan Clark, Mari Matsumura, Jens Boyer


The APL Program Officers are:
Mayako Okamura:
Toru Koizumi:
Anthony Tilke:

<DIV><FONT face=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif>We had hoped to have an English-language tour of the National Diet Library, unfortunately, such tours are not available on weekends. Please let us know if you're interested in a tour on a weekday &amp; we will further pursue this opportunity.</FONT></DIV>

Possible future programs, please let us know what interests you!

- a visit to Tokyo Metropolitan University

Click here to visit their site

- a visit to Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

click here to visit their site


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