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A fiction - About the ministry of an Apostle

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A fiction : About the ministry of “an apostle” 

Satan sitting on his throne in the Durbar reviews the report of one of his subordinate demons on the ministry of a particular minister who pastures a local church and who calls himself “an apostle”.

Demon: “O master, I have visited a big church pastured by an apostle today.  I was rather frightened to be present near that apostle…” 

Satan:  “Why are you frightened of that person?  He is shepherding a congregation under the fake seal of apostleship.  God has not appointed him as an apostle.  Let us peruse our records. He has not established churches……….”

Demon:  “Sir, he has established a number of churches in his town and other places of his nation”. 

Satan:  “Yes.  Nevertheless, he has established only churches of a particular denomination, which believe in certain doctrines, which are at variance with the whole counsel of God, or the complete doctrines of the Bible. He has established churches in those areas where a number of churches are already in existence and where the foundation of the gospel had already been laid.  As an apostle, he should have established churches in those areas where the Son of God (Satan deliberately omits the word “Jesus Christ”) was not named or where the gospel of the Son of God has not reached. For instance, people like John Hyde, Evan Roberts, David Brainerd, Jonathan Edwards, etc. left the comfort and luxury of their own nations and went to the other nations where the Son of God was not preached earlier”. 

Demon:  “Sir, how can I identify someone as an apostle?” 

Satan:  “He/she should have borne the marks of apostleship on his/her body by way of suffering and persecution in that Name.  You can read about the experiences and life of an apostle from Paul’s letter to the Corinthian church. Sitting in a church with all the modern comforts, he cannot be an apostle. You need not be frightened of him as an apostle. If you identify any person as an apostle, you should inform me immediately so that we can keep an eye on him/her”.

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