Welcome to the serious side of the spectrum. Though I do enjoy the pure insanty, I am especially fond of writing more serious fics. There not stone cold serious (some humor) I'd be boring like that ^_^;;; Enjoy!

<(((_^))> Ja ne!

Last Updated on...
July 10, 2001

New Stuff...
-Not all fics have been typed/posted/written!
-Only Love is the Cure,When Darkness and Silence Meet, and Crossing Pasts are posted!
-BRAND NEW!!!! Crossing Pasts Part 3 is up and Part 4 to come soon!!
*****MAJOR NOTE!!!! If you read Crossing Pasts Part 3 between July 5 and July 10 then you're missing out!! I added another scene to the middle of Part 3!!!*****

Slayers, Pokemon, and other Animes on this site belong to THEIR rightful owners, not me! This site is for the enjoyment of the Animes ONLY!! As the rest of the content on this page(the Fanfics, the Fanfic titles, and their original characters[Arcadia, Viozanda, etc.]) Belong to ME! If you wish to use them PLEASE ask me first!!!!!! Thanks! ^_^

"...Search deep inside your soul, and ignore the reflection in the mirror. A reflection is merely your shadow and thus it cannot take flight..."

-Janai's words (fancharacter)from Crossing Pasts Part 4.

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