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4/02/00: Page is up! Added a few extra things to the Military Spacecraft page. Added two Pod schematics.
4/03/00: Added the Moonbus Control Panel to Technology: Control Panels. Fixed some rather "off" info on Military Spacecraft.
4/04/00: Added the Discovery space suit to Science and Technology: Space suits. Added the Chinese SDI Prototype and a better photo of the Lockheed NWS-23.
4/06/00: Added the Moonbus page. A few Changes/Additions.
4/10/00: Added another photo of the Discovery space suit.
4/21/00. Finally got around to an update! Added the EVA Pod Radar to spacecraft:Eva pod. Also, a sarcastic look at 2001's tech in the spacecraft section. ;)
5/08/00: A BIG finally!! Added three photos of the EVA Pod. Added another link. The Discovery page is up, with some specs and photos. More will come with this one.... Some basic specs for the EVA Pod.
5/09/00: Basic "housekeeping duties". Labeled the space suit back view. I'm no expert on space suit technology, so please feel free to correct me :) Pod Storyboard photo added. I've added background photos to the main pages. If these slow down loading, please complain to me, and I'll remove them as soon as possible ;) Also, I've reformatted, and gotten ridden of those $#!@ borders. Another Pod photo added.
5/10/00: I've added my first "funny of the day"! Brought to you by E-bay, comes... well.... see the homepage! :)
5/22/00: After a long dry period, an update! :) I've added a bigger, clearer photo of the EVA Pod Cockpit. It's worth the download time. The scanner is working; expect more updates, that is, if the thing doesn't crash again... Replaced two murky photos of the Discovery with clearer (if Black & White) pictures.
6/04/00: I've added a "Trivia and Goofs" page with 24 mistakes. I did a spell check, wow, there were a lot of errors :) I'll add a "frequently asked questions" page soon, too.
6/05/00: Reformatting, Reformatting!! Most of the site is now in the "Microgramma Bold" font. This is the same font that was used on 2001's control panels, and decided it looks better. I've gotten rid of the homepage photo that makes it impossible to read.
6/22/00: Another Reformat! Why can't I just pick one I like? I've updated the EVA Pod Page and added the Space Station V to Spacecraft. Some of my views might be somewhat controversial. I simply don't like the idea of the commercialization of space (one of 2001's more important ideas; get's looked over too much, IMHO.) Oh, and how's the new layout?
6/23/00: Added a table to the Nuclear Weapons Platforms Page. I've been messing around with layouts, trying to find the right one. I found the earlier versions hard to navigate, but I've added more extensive links. If you go to any page in the spacecraft or sci/tech section, you'll be able to access any other page in that section with the links on the left side of the page. I've also put links to each section on the bottom of most main pages.
6/25/00: So what's the big deal with the pod page? Apparently, Simon Atkinson wasn't happy I used his artwork! Sigh... Look's like I'm going to have to put my crappy drawing skills to work.
7/02/00: Added the concept designs one page to spacecraft. I've just started, but it includes the "Discovery with wings" design.  
7/03/00: A new page, "Custom 2001 Art" These are simple DVD screen captures, quickly edited to give the appearance of a watercolor painting. I feel that the TMA-1 "artwork" came out the best. Also, I've changed the photos on the Discovery page.
7/04/00: New photos in "spacecraft:concept designs" At last! The "Humpty Dumpty ship!"
7/07/00: I've added a little banner, reminding you all to help "save the USS United States!"
7/14/00: I removed the "Custom 2001 art" page, as the pictures look awful online. I'm working on a couple schematics right now. They will be hand-drawn, as I well... stink at MS Paint! Right now, all I have is a cutaway of the Aries 1B.
7/22/00: Does anyone recognize the source of the image at the bottom of the home page? Wow, it's amazing what you'll find online if you look hard enough.
8/11/00: Please don't think I've forgotten something. Just a lapse. I added the 'News pad' to the Science and Technology page.
8/22/00: I'm using a smaller font size now. I've also switched over to metrics for most specifications.
8/25/00: New labeled photos on the EVA Pod Page. More specifications on the Discovery page.
9/04/00: Switched over to freeservers.com.  
9/29/00: Even more data on the Discovery page. I fixed a goof on the Space Station V page. Could anyone imagine 600 people on that thing? Yeah, right! ;) I finally updated the Aries 1B page, but I have to do something about that cheesy drawing. If you are REALLY interested in this sort of stuff :) please see the note on the Space Station page and tell me what you think.
10/13/00: I've put up a page describing the differences between the 2001 and 2010 Discoverys. Please feel free to e-mail me additions to the list.
11/15/00: Better pictures of the Discovery, technical notes page added. Go here for the dry technical info that doesn't fit on the other pages. Various fixes.
12/18/00: Sorry about the delays, I'm working on a "sister site." It will examine spacecraft and technology from five years "earlier."
01/14/01: Added two new designs to "Concept Designs Discovery". Lots of EVA Pod information in Technical Notes.  
1/15/01: Reformatted again!! Honestly, I'll never decide what I want this site to look like. Added a diagram of the Aries 1B.
4/02/01: I finally got off my lazy butt and added the "Inside the Discovery" page. Added the AE-35 internal arrangement to "space craft control panels." Changed the EVA Pod page around a bit.
4/04/01: "Nuclear Weapons Platforms" and "EVA Pod" now have thumbnail links.
4/05/01: Still working on the new layout; If you have any ideas, please sign the guest book.
6/15/01: I'm sorry about the lack of updates, I almost forgot I even had a web site. I'll get back to it pretty soon, right after I figure out my new site-creating program...
6/19/01: Technical Information on EVA Pod moved to EVA Pod page.
6/20/01: Technical information for Aries 1B and Discovery moved to respective pages.
10/18/01: For those of you who are scratching your heads about the weird photos. My current black comedy project is "Threads: The Children's Musical". Don't ask, don't tell :)
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