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Arnemetia's Wiccan Sampler

Still Under Construction!
Last updated February 8, 2002

Merry Meet everyone! Welcome to my first try at making a web page using html codes. I hope this comes out right, if not blame Mystic for bad instructions. :0)

My name is Toni and my magical name is Arnemetia. I have been interested and studying Wicca for 20 years.

Just a little over a year ago was when I actually started practicing it. I met a wonderful teacher who has taught me more in the last year than in all the 20 years of reading. I hope to one day become a full fledge initiate.

Well everyone it has finally happen!! As of May 5,2000 I have become a 1st Degree initiated!!! I am now an ordained minister for the Correllian Wiccan Tradition!! My dreams have finally come to pass!!
Now everyone as of June 27th of 2000 I had my first attunment to Reiki 1. It was beautiful. I can now send healing to other other people who might need help with there permision of course. Just to feel the energy is amazing!!!>

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