Most of these are original samples that I have made myself. Where a sample has been produced by someone else I credit them in the sample description. If you want to check out the software that I have used, see my free audio resources page. All samples are saved as16 bit wav files, and are either 22,050 or 44,100 mhz. Please feel free to use these samples in your own music, but credit me where possible and send me a copy of the finished product if you can, I'd love to hear it.

    robochatter.wav   Cool robotic sfx
    alienreverb.wav   Organic bleep
    softzap.wav   Filtersweep lasergun with a delay
    flange.wav   Stereo flange with heaps of reverb
    organ.wav   Old school alien sfx
      Airy_alien.wav   The name says it all. Made by Hamish.
      fx2.wav   Atmospheric alien sweep
      new2.wav   Tech sweep
      Sweep1.wav   dark flanging rumble
      siren.wav   maybe good in hardcore rave?
      planet.wav   spooky martian atmosphere
      Freeky.wav   a nice alien sound
      drip03.wav   real nice reverberating drip sound
      drip02.wav   cavernous drip sound
      bell.wav   echoing electronic bell
      atmos08.wav   moonscape synth organ
  SWEEP5.WAV A buzzing sweep (better than sweep4)
SWEEP3.WAV A soft sweep
HARSH.WAV Menacing electric sweep. Very nasty!
SWEEP4.WAV A buzzing sweep sound, good in rave.
ELECTRO1.WAV Mechanical crickets talking
ELECTRO2.WAV Electronic bleep
INSECT1.WAV Sounds like insects in the jungle
jon1.WAV Evil swarm of killer bees
jonfx1.wav Bubbles
METALLIC.WAV Metallic atmospheric sound. Very cool!
WOW1.WAV Real nice electo "wow"
weird2.WAV Echoing vibrato sound like an alien siren
snare3.WAV Strange snare type sound.

Please feel free to contribute your own samples to this page. Original samples only please, no samples from cd or from other sources on the internet.