Most of these are original samples that I have made myself. Where a sample has been produced by someone else I credit them in the sample description. If you want to check out the software that I have used, see my free audio resources page. All samples are saved as16 bit wav files, and are either 22,050 or 44,100 mhz. Please feel free to use these samples in your own music, but credit me where possible and send me a copy of the finished product if you can, I'd love to hear it.

    aggrobass.wav   Mean bass sample submitted by Mobiuz
    bass59e.wav   Tuff bass
      bass58b.wav   Phat bass stab
      Bass57c.wav   Rising Tremelo bass
      aibass3.wav   Filtered synth bass
      Bass1a.wav   Squelchy tech bass
      Bass56.wav   Muffled bass stab
      Bass57a.wav   Tremelo bass
      softbass.wav   Muffled bass stab
      Yobass.wav   I don't know what to say about this one except... "Yo!"
      Ruby5.wav   Very cool bass by Hamish
      sub2.wav   I accept no responsibility for speaker damage...
      Electr01.wav   Raw buzzing bass
      bass45.wav   Don't blame me if this one blows your speakers
      bass43.wav   Deep slow and nasty, the way we like it
      bass41.wav   Impress your friends with this tech bass sample
      bass40b.wav   Very cool tech bassline
      bass40a.wav   Similar to the sample above, but not the same
      bass39.wav   Electric scan bass sound
      bass38.wav   This bass sounds like the wind
      bass29.wav   I like this one!
      Bass34.wav   For those clean, hard b-lines
      Bass33.wav   Like bass 34 but with more bite
      Bass32.wav   Rough distorted bass stab (lo res)
      Bass35.wav   Filter bass
      bass22.wav   This is one messed up bass. Tech steppaz watch out
      bass23.wav   Check this bass out looped...
      bass21.wav   Rough bass drop slowed down
  BASS13.WAV "wow" bass
  BASS14.WAV Hey guess what, it's a "wow" bass
  STAB1.WAV A regular stab sound
  deep2.WAV The deepest reverby rumble you'll find
NASTY1.WAV Dirty tech bass
NASTY3.WAV Slightly deeper version of Nasty1
warpbass.wav Jungle warpbass
elect2.WAV Nice electro tech bass
HOLLOW1.WAV Rasping bass
MADBASS.WAV Slow this down...
Bass2.WAV This'll spook your granny out
Bass7.WAV This is a great rasping "wow" bass
Bass3.WAV Like Bass2, only meaner.
TECHBASS.WAV Hollow rasping bass
Bass1.WAV Deep bassy synth sound. Good in techno or drum and bass.
drop1.wav An abrasive drop bass.
trnce4.WAV A bassy organ sound

Please feel free to contribute your own samples to this page. Original samples only please, no samples from cd or from other sources on the internet.