Most of these are original samples that I have made myself. Where a sample has been produced by someone else I credit them in the sample description. If you want to check out the software that I have used, see my free audio resources page. All samples are saved as16 bit wav files, and are either 22,050 or 44,100 mhz. Please feel free to use these samples in your own music, but credit me where possible and send me a copy of the finished product if you can, I'd love to hear it.

    snare6b.wav   Tight little snare drum
    sly2.wav   Phat funk kick with the bass accentuated
    tuffkick.wav   A deep, distorted kick drum
      snare8.wav   Reverby snare hit
      Kick9.wav   Distorted gabba kick drum
      hamloop1.wav   HARD breakbeat from Hamish. Check the reversed cymbal action...
      kick17.wav   A classic 707 style kick
      kick15.wav   Hard kick
      kick12.wav   Nice "wet" drum kick
      kick10b.wav   How hard is that kick?!
      hat3.wav   Shaker hat
      badass.wav   wicked breakbeat 180bpm
      snare5.wav   distorted snare
      loaded.wav   tech break 180bpm
      terminal.wav   furious break 180bpm
      hardsnare.wav   hard snare
      echo02.wav   reverberating clap
SNARE1.WAV Hard snare like a trashcan lid being hit
SNARE2.WAV Real hard distorted tech snare
KICK11.WAV Nice house kick made with Stomper
KICK20.WAV Big echoing kick drum
KICK4.WAV Just a kick really. Quite good in d & b breakbeats.
KICK5.WAV A clean kick drum
KICK7.WAV Slow this sample down for a deep kick drum
snare3.WAV Strange snare type sound.

Please feel free to contribute your own samples to this page. Original samples only please, no samples from cd or from other sources on the internet.