These samples are all from movie soundtracks. All samples are saved as16 bit wav files, and are either 22,050 or 44,100 mhz. Please feel free to contribute your own samples to this page. I prefer samples from soundtrack CD's, but from video is OK too (if anyone out there has the Predator soundtrack please email me!!!!) And remember, original copyright applies to all of these samples...


wed11.wav Junglistic reed
wed12a.wav Eerie filter synth


apoc4.wav Dark synth sweep
apoc1.wav Gapper synth sweep (750k)


miss_reed2.wav Jungle reed
missiondrum.wav Echoing bass drum
    miss_tin.wav   Reverby tin percussion

Want links to good sample archives on the net? Scroll down... If you know of a good sample page on the internet send me the url and I will add a link to it.

Sample Arena ***NEW***
A cool resource for electronic musicians, including loads of drum, turntable, vocal, synth and sfx samples as well as links to production tools and other samples pages.

Nexus Project
A great collection of drum, breakbeat, vocal and pad samples, as well as good information on commercial soft synths and sequencing software.

Probably the best collection of sampled funk and bass loops on the net. Plus drum and guitar loops too.
Want vintage analogue samples? Look no further. As the site admin put it, this is "a wet dream for electronic musicians"!

Samples for trackers
Loads of professional quality samples from vintage synths, mostly in wav format.

A lot of cool drum packs to choose from, 808, 909, 727 etc.

Wave World
Bad page design (ABBA midi loop in the background!), good samples. Pages don't scroll, so get ready to open frames in new window...

The Bass Emporium
If you like bass, go check these guys out! They have a whole heap of original bass samples that will keep drum and bass producers busy for quite some time. This is one of my favourite archives of all time.

A very impressive collection of fast n' furious breakbeats, drum hits, and original bass and bleep samples.

113 Audio Resources
Hip-hop, drum n bass, funk, anything dope that makes your head nod. Lotsa beats...

Millennium Records UK
Samples in wav format by artists on the Millennium label, like Dr Octopus, Genetix, Head Doctor. And they're free for you to use!

Phat Drum Loops
Phat Drum loops... and lots of 'em! More dope beats than you can shake a drumstick at. Lots of rare funk and hip hop loops, one of my fave archives.

Drums, vocals, orchestral sounds, breaks, plus lots of shareware and demo audio resources.

Weazle World
Good breaks! Good drum samples! Drum and bass vocals too. Visit this one for sure...

Critical Adjustment/Keltech
dark & dangerous drum&bass productions + resources

Samples from popular synths like the Juno, Waldorf, Typhoon and Roland 606. Plus lo-fi "tracker packs" for mod makers.

Synth and sample stuff
A list of links to sample archives. Worth a peek, but be warned, this site was last updated in 1997, and lots of the links are consequently inconsequential.

The Daily Wav
Look no further if movie and tv vocal samples are what you desire. As with most movie archives the sound quality is poor, but this list is quite comprehensive.

True Playaz Green Room
The nice folk at the True Playaz label (Home of Hype, Dope Skillz et al) have lent some of their artist's very cool samples for d & b makers at home to play with.

The Quadra Synth Sample Archive
Pro quality synthesizer samples: wind instruments, sfx, choir, strings, percussion, keyboards.

Wav Central
Movie, TV and sfx samples.

Pads, 808, 909 samples. Sound effects too. Mostly LHA format 8 bit samples, but the webmaster promises that new samples will all be PC formats and 16 bit. Samples are available in downloadable packs, not individually.

Drum and Bass Arena
Samples of varying quality taken mostly from jungle cd's.

Partners in Rhyme
Some free sound effects and music loops.