"ART -n- COFFEE FROM THE HEART" ART SHOW: MAY 21, 2007 - JUNE 16, 2007

Me, my "little buddy", Ryan, and my wonderfully supportive friends, Kevin and Mae, at my Artist's Reception (artwork, from left to right: "The Offering", "Blue Nude", "Breathless", "Come Hither", "Mysterious", and, partially hidden, "Jennifer Lopez") - June 9, 2007

From Saturday, May 21, 2007, through Saturday, June 16, 2007, an art show of my work (21 paintings and 5 drawings) was held at the "Art -n- Coffee from the Heart" coffee shop. On Saturday, June 9, 2007, an Artist Reception was held where people came, ate, talked politics...and looked at art! Here are some pictures from that wonderful evening:

Here, my friends, Brenda and Alice, talking about the impact of art on global affairs....or something else.

This is a shot of the wine-and-cheese-and-fruit spread, for the eating public. In the left corner is a partial view of "Beauty and the Beast".

Here is a better view of the wine-and-cheese-and-fruit spread...and, yes, a better view of "Beauty and the Beast", too.

One more view of the wine-and-cheese-and-fruit spread...plus, a good look at more art ("Soaring", "Tupac", and "Sensuality")!