Teacher-made banner for my baby shower
On Thursday, June 7, 2007 - one day before summer vacation was about to begin - the teachers, at my school, threw me an early morning, pre-school day, surprise "Daddy's Baby Shower"! The event celebrated the upcoming birth of my wife's and my first child - a son (ahhhhh, *OUR SON*) - in September 2007. ENJOY!

Me and my wife, The Lovely Belle, when we arrived at my surprise Daddy Shower (check out my cool "bib attire"). The teachers planned the event. My wife’s job was to make sure that I got to the party on time…and without knowing that a party was in store!

My wonderful Daddy Shower cake, from my seated point of view!

My wife and I, just before the Daddy Shower games were about to begin!

Me playing a Daddy Shower game: “Blindfolded Baby Dressing”! My job was to take a naked “baby” (a doll, of course…) and, while wearing a blindfold, dress the child in a shirt, jacket, diaper, pants, socks, and boots. Let’s just say that I did a pretty bad job of dressing my baby!