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"First Friday" Outdoor Art Exhibition - Las Vegas, Nevada: 8/4/06

On the first Friday of every month, the Las Vegas art district displays the work of local artists. "First Friday" sets aside some free space, each month, so that artists can exhibit their work for some much needed exposure. Here are some photographs from my August 4, 2006 "First Friday" outdoor Las Vegas art exhibition. Enjoy!
Here is a picture of me with my very good friend and fellow educator, the beautiful Rivian, and her husband, Charlie. I am blessed to have very supportive friends!

Here is a set up of some of my displayed drawings and paintings on paper, taped to canvas board to conserve space. The works - going clockwise from the top left - are "Trinity", "Salma Hayek", "Just Between us Girls", "Colorfully Seductive", "Succubus: Dance of the Malebashers", "Toccarra", "The Family that Dances Together", "Hot and Sexy Cool", and "Serena".

This photo shows the table that displayed my art-related t-shirts and magnets, some artist-biography sheets, and art price lists...as well as some temporary paperweights in order to keep things from blowing away. Las Vegas can be a windy city!

This picture shows most of my First Friday setup. Aside from the drawings and paintings on paper (top left, of the picture), already talked about in the second photo on this page, and the t-shirt table (top middle, of the picture), talked about in third photo on this page, this picture shows small paintings, drawings and posters. From bottom left to right, we see "The Conception Dance", "Shall We Dance" posters, drawings "The Back" and "Morning Stretch", "Phenomenal Woman" posters, and "After the Fall (Ode to Michelangelo)".

Here is a close-up of the drawings "The Back" and "Morning Stretch", as well as the "Phenomenal Woman" posters, and "After the Fall (Ode to Michelangelo)", from the above picture.