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"First Friday" Outdoor Art Exhibition - Las Vegas, Nevada: 9/1/06

On the first Friday of every month, the Las Vegas art district displays the work of local artists. "First Friday" sets aside some free space, each month, so that artists can exhibit their work for some much needed exposure. Here are some photographs from my September 1, 2006 "First Friday" outdoor Las Vegas art exhibition. Enjoy!

Here is yours truly setting up paintings for display - and one painting, in particular ("The Fire Within"), on one of the objects used to weigh down the tents provided for the artists' display. How do you like the fedora?

Here's another shot of the above photo setup, with "The Fire Within", as the potential customers would have seen it.

Here is a set up of some of my displayed drawings and paintings on paper, taped to canvas board to conserve space. If you look closely, you will notice several of the drawings that I completed during my two-week, self-imposed, "One-Drawing-Per-Day" Challenge (see "Drawings" section, on this site). The works were finished one day before the exhibit. It's a great feeling having brand new work to display!

This picture is an upside-down photo of the art that was displayed on my table. This is how the potential customers saw the works - facing them and away from me.

One of the things that I love about First Friday is the display of visual feasts - and I don't mean the artists' paintings, either! When I lived in New York City, my visits to Greenwich Village were often filled with sights of all types of people: the artsy, the freaky, the funky, the inexplicable. Here is a photo of something that would have fallen into the last category.

Does this photo, taken from the side, help you to identify what that "thing" could be? It didn't help me!

This photograph shows "the keeper" of whatever that thing is, from the above pictures. He looks as inexplicable as the "thing" he was leading!