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"First Friday" Outdoor Art Exhibition - Las Vegas, Nevada: 8/3/07

On the first Friday of every month, the Las Vegas art district displays the work of local artists. "First Friday" sets aside some free space, each month, so that artists can exhibit their work for some much needed exposure. Here are some photographs from my August 3, 2007 "First Friday" outdoor Las Vegas art exhibition. Enjoy!

Here is a picture of me with my First Friday setup of drawings, as seen from the front.

This is a picture of the front/right setup of my drawings. From left to right, the pictures are "Sitting Pretty", "Fedora Girl (Dawn Robinson)", "Frank Sinatra" (SOLD!!), "Come Hither (Scarlett Johannson)", and "Mysterious (Christina Ricci)".

This photo shows the front/left setup of my drawings. From left to right, the pictures are "Jennifer Lopez", "Sleepily Sultry (Scarlett Johannson)", "Dwayne Wade", and "Coyly, Provocatively Shy" (SOLD!!).

Here is a set up of some of my displayed drawings on paper, taped to the table and covered by plastic (you know, just in case somebody spilled something...). The works - (Top line - left to right): "Back", "Beached Mermaid", and "Bodyscape II"; (Middle line - left to right): "Female Atlas", "Exhale (Roslyn Sanchez)", and "Bodyscape"; (Bottom line): "To Sleep, Perchance to Dream"

This picture shows the artwork that I used to draw my customers, into my First Friday setup: "Breathless (Toccarra Jones)". Note the rest of my art setup, in the background.

And last, but certainly not least, here are two photos of some very loved and very loving supporters of me and my art, trying to stay cool in the Las Vegas heat: my beautiful dancer-friend, Megan, and my gorgeous, pregnant wife, The Lovely Belle!