Chicago Lithuanian Golf Club

Ah, the snow has melted and it’s time to polish up the clubs, get some new golf balls and plan to attend as many as you can of the ten tournaments we have planned for this season. Yes, you read that right - that’s ten tournaments. It promises to be a busy summer and we look forward to seeing you often. Your new valdyba for 2010 is: :

Office Officer Phone Number Email Address
President Ed Dumblauskas 815-756-1863
Vice-president Anne Antanaitis 708-301-8604
Treasurer Chester Baksys 708-349-9460
Secretary Janice Cepulionis 708-301-9151
Tournament Director Ramune Dagys 708-687-3507
Tournament Director Aldona Urba 708-301-3839
Handicap Chairman Arunas Dagys 708-687-3507
WebMaster Vytenis Markevicius 773-519-8686

Our thanks and appreciation to our outgoing officers Ramune Dagys, Vice-President, and Arunas Dagys and Bob Raudys, Tournament Directors. We are very grateful for your hard work and all you did to make the past two years successful and enjoyable. Welcome back to Anne who has accepted the Vice-Presidency again, and also welcome to the two new sheriffs in town, Aldona and Ramune, who will keep law and order in their roles as Tournament Directors.


E-mail will be used to keep you informed as to upcoming tournaments and other club news. Using email is cost effective and facilitates faster and more frequent communications with our club members. By saving to disk or printing out these emails, you can decide how you want to best utilize this information. Most of the information sent to you will also be available on our web page at
The e-mails are sent with blind carbon copies to members. If your e-mail address changes, or if you do not wish to receive CLGK e-mails, please advise the club secretary at Please save this mailing and refer to it for information and reminders about up-coming tournaments

Club Dues

The annual club dues will remain at $40 for the year. This fee includes tournament fees (except match play), handicapping service, prizes and awards. Junior dues for 15-18 year-olds are $10 and juniors under the age of 15 are free. Depending on club finances, the club may purchase hot dogs at selected tournaments. >Guests are not eligible to win any prizes and there will be a $5 guest fee if the club is purchasing hot dogs. Guests are limited to a maximum of two tournaments a year. Dues must be paid no later than June 1, 2010 or the member will forfeit their club membership.

Please mail your check for this year's dues, payable to "CLGK", to:

Chester Baksys
8111 Wheeler Dr.
Orland Park, IL 60462


Our golf club issues golf indexes which have been approved by the United States Golf Association. A USGA Handicap Index will be converted to a course handicap and used in the net competition tournaments that we conduct. Having a golf index enables golfers of varied abilities to compete on an equal basis. We will post all tournament scores, but in order for your USGA golf index to be valid, it is required that all of your golf scores, with name of course, tee used, adjusted score with course rating and slope, be posted. You can do this by contacting Arunas Dagys by phone, or preferably sending this information to him by e-mail at Directions for adjusting the golf score, as well as the current golf indexes/handicaps for all club members, are available by visiting the club’s web site.

Competition Classes by Handicap/Golf Index

We will continue to vary the number of classes and their composition for men and women, depending on the number of golfers participating and their golf indexes. Where the competition is net score by class or gross score by class, the number of classes may be more or less than the 4 men classes and 2 women classes we have used in the past. The range of golf indexes and number of golfers participating will dictate the number of classes and what the class handicap range will be for that tournament. Prizes awarded may vary from 1st, 2nd and 3rd, to 1st and 2nd, or to only 1st for a class depending on how many golfers are in a class. Our tournament directors will monitor each tournament’s registration and make the necessary determinations in order to make competition as fair and competitive as possible.

In making these adjustments, we are attempting to group golfers of somewhat similar ability and to vary the number of prizes awarded in proportion to the number of golfers participating in a class.

CLGK Web Page

Our club maintains a web page, at which has a wealth of information. Tournament dates, tournament results, golf indexes, new member information, tee times, photos, as well as other information is available. Vytenis Markevicius is our webmaster. Bookmark this page and visit it often.

Tournament Registration

Due to golf course booking requirements, it is necessary that if you wish to participate in a tournament, you need to advise either of the Tournament Directors 8 days prior to the tournament. Contact information for tournament directors is noted above or on our web page. At times, besides registration, prepayment of green fees or the banquet will be required. The tournament reminder will advise you of the requirements. If you have registered for, but are unable to attend a tournament, please contact a tournament director to cancel ASAP or you maybe responsible for the green fees. Some courses are requiring an advance deposit from CLGK for each golfer who has registered to play.

E-mail registration is now open for our first tournament of the year on April 18th at Old Oak. If you plan on participating, please contact Aldona Urba or Ramune Dagys via e-mail in order to register.

When you arrive at the golf course make sure you check in with a Tournament Director.

Memorial Day Weekend Getaway May 29th and 30th

Where: Hampshire Golf Course, Dowagiac, MI.
Hotel Accommodations: Baymont Inn and Suites
29291 Amerihost Dr, Dowagiac, MI 49047
Reservations 269-782-4270

In order to receive our group rate of $69.00, room reservations must be made prior to May 1st. Please indicate you are with the “Lithuanian Golf Outing” to obtain this rate. If you are debating about participating, you might want to make the room reservation now and cancel later as opposed to trying to reserve later and being told no rooms are available. As usual, the motel sells out this weekend.

2010 SALFASS Tournament

Toronto will be hosting SALFASS this year at Rebel Creek Golf Club in Petersburg, Ontario. Check their web site at for a look at the course and facilities.

Club Banquet

Immediately following our last scheduled tournament at Silver Lake CC on Oct. 3rd, we will have an awards ceremony and buffet dinner. The cost of the buffet dinner will be $20 for adults and $15 for juniors 12 and under. Pre-payment is required.

Tournament Slow Play

Slow play in golf is still a major problem.It is expected that you and your foursome will keep pace with the foursome in front of you. To play slow is a disservice to the groups behind you. Be part of the solution and not part of the problem.Try to study your putt while the player in front of you is studying their putt. While we think we are good, we are not on the PGA tour

Rules of Competitionn

USGA rules apply with the following exceptions:
  • You can touch and move the ball 6 inches only if the ball lies in your fairway, otherwise NO TOUCH
  • Out of bounds is played as lateral water hazard. One stroke penalty and drop a ball two club lengths from the spot where the ball crossed going into the out of bounds area. Going back on the line of flight more than two club lengths is not permitted under the rules of golf.
  • Lost ball is played with a one stoke penalty and dropping a ball where the ball is presumed to have been lost.
  • Maximum score of 10 on a hole. Once you hit 10, PICK UP THE BALL.
  • If necessary, two attempts must be made to cross a hazard, unless there is a drop area.

Match Play Competition

Paul Dagys will again conduct this year’s match play competition. Participation is optional with a $10 entrance fee in both the men’s and the women’s division. Prizes will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd place winners. You can sign up for this competition at either of our first two tournaments. Pairings and schedule will be posted on our web page and we ask that you conduct your matches as soon as possible. When you complete your matches please email the results to Paul at

Golfer of the Yearr

Our club will track points as they are awarded based on how a golfer performs in our tournaments, match play competition, and the SALFAS tournament. The points awarded are cumulative for the year. At the end of the year we honor both the man and woman with the most points as our golfers of the year.

Achievement Points
Low Gross 1st, 2nd, 3rd 6-4-2 points
Low Net 1st, 2nd, 3rd 6-4-2 points
Team Winners 1st, 2nd, 3rd 6-4-2 points
Closest to Pin 1, 2, 3 shots 2 points
Match Play 1st, 2nd 8 and 6 points
Hole in One 10 points
SALFASS 1st, 2nd, 3rd Gross/ Net 9-7-5-3 points
Longest drive at Club Championship 2 points

C.L.G.K. Valdyba (Club Officers)

Our golf club has been in existence for over 50 years. This longevity is due to club members who have stepped up and taken leadership roles. We acknowledge those individuals below and we also issue a challenge to those members whose names are not listed: is it time for them to make a contribution to the club by becoming an officer, time to give something back? Time involved in being an officer is much less than what it takes to play one round of golf.

Year President Vice-Pres Secretary Treasurer Tournament Directors
2010 E. Dumblauskas O. Antanaitis J. Ceulionis C. Baksys R. Dagys/A. Urba
2009 E. Dumblauskas R. Dagys J. Cepulionis C. Baksys A. Dagys/R. Raudys
2008 R. Rimkus R. Dagys A. Zvinakis C. Baksys A. Dagys/ R. Raudys
2007 R. Rimkus R. Dagys A. Zvinakis C. Baksys F. Antanaitis/A. Karas
2006 T. Vaitkus I. Kleiza D. Balta C. Baksys F. Antanaitis/A. Karas
2005 T. Vaitkus I. Kleiza D. Balta C. Baksys E. Simokaitis/V. Izokaitis
2004 S. Balta R. Zvinakis A. Dagys C. Baksys E. Simokaitis/V. Izokaitis
2003 S. Balta R. Zvinakis A. Dagys C. Baksys R. Simokaits/. Valaitis
2002 A. Cepulionis J. Antanaitis J. Cepulionis C. Baksys R. Simokaits/J. Valaitis
2001 A. Cepulionis J. Antanaits J. Cepulionis C. Baksys Dumblauskas/R. Izokaitis
2000 S. Balta R. Kleiza R. Bartasius C. Baksys Dumblauskas/R. Izokaitis
1999 S. Balta G. Rimkus R. Bartasius C. Baksys R. Kleiza/Alf. Urba
1998 A. Dagys G. Rimkus J. Cepulionis C. Baksys A. Zvinakis/Alf. Urba
1997 A. Dagys I. Valaitis J. Cepulionis C. Baksys A. Zvinakis/M. Mazeika
1996 C. Baksys I. Jakimcius I. Valaitis Ald. Urba A. Cepulionis/M. Mazeika
1995 A. Liskunas O. Antanaits I. Jakimcius Ald. Urba A. Cepulionis/I. Kleiza
1994 A. Karas O. Antanaitis R. Karas A. Liskunas R. Simokaitis I. Kleiza
1993 J. Valaitis R. Karas J. Cepulionis C. Dauskurdas R. Simokaitis/A. Karas
1992 A. Zvinakis J. Valaitis J. Cepulionis C. Dauskurdas Ald. Urba/L. Izokaitis
1991 T. Vaitkus V. Brizgys T. Vaitkus A. Zvinakis F. Galzin/D. Galzin
1990 T. Vaitkus V. Brizgys T. Vaitkus A. Zvinakis F. Galzin/D.Galzin
1989 P. Striupaitis M. Karalius R. Korzonas Ald. Urba J. Astrauskas/S. Plenys
1988 P. Striupaitis M. Karalius R. Korzonas Ald. Urba J. Astrauskas/S. Plenys
1987 E. Lapas P. Striupaitis L. Lapas J. Cinkus A. Rusenas/R. Kleiza
1986 E. Lapas A. Dagys L. Lapas J. Cinkus A. Rusenas/R. Kleiza


We’ve received news from our roving reporters in the St. Pete Beach, Florida, area about two achievements earlier this year by our club members. Chester Baksys hit a hole in one on January 14, 2010 at Cove City on the #18, 140 yard, par 3. A little over a week later on the 25th, not to be outdone by his friend, John Valaitis proceeded to hit a hole in one at Summerfield Crossings on the #18, 143 yard, par 3. We understand no one left thirsty after these two events, and hope there were designated drivers! Wish we had been there.

Here’s some late breaking news. On March 4th Paul Dagys got his first hole in one while with the Lewis golf team in Arizona at the Aguila Golf Course in LaVeen on the 119 yard #13 hole using a pitching wedge. This feat was caught on video and his proud parents were able to view it as if they had been there. No word on whether or not Paul bought drinks for the team.

On a much sadder note, I feel I must mention to you once again the recent passing of two of our long-time members – Gene Rimkus on March 8th and Zigmas Brazis on March 13th.They will be missed.

The upcoming season will have many opportunities for us to get together and enjoy the wonderful game of golf and who knows, maybe we’ll witness a few more holes in one by our members. We hope to see all of you participating and winning a few golf balls as often as possible.